Is taking meat rarely also offensive? What can I do in compelling situations?

Is taking meat rarely also offensive? What can I do in compelling situations?

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“I am a non- vegetarian but not like that of others who regularly kerp on eating such kinds of meals. When there is parcel or someone cooks for us , I eat meat. I can live being a vegetarian , previously I was a pure Vegetarian. About egg, I consume it ; not on daily basis. So, I wanted to ask that I consume non-vegetarian food only less times in my life. Mostly I prefer to eat veg food. I want to connect towards our eternal holy god Krishna. Now what all can I do?”



There is no relaxation in the recommendation to quit meat eating for the devotees who like to advance in devotional life.

If you like to go back to Krishna, you should be a vegetarian. Not just being a vegetarian, but, having a karma free food by offering the cooked food to Krishna and honouring the prasadam given back by Krishna.

Taking the poison even a drop is dangerous. Adding just a drop of curd with a cup of milk contaminates it with fermentation. The entire milk becomes curd.

Similarly, as explained in many of my posts, the gunas make a person and a devotee should develop the domination of satva guna (mode of goodness) and try to situate himself in satva guna all the time.

Even if he allows a trace of rajo guna (mode of passion) and/ or thamo guna (mode of ignorance), he becomes aggressive in making offenses and/or lazy and foolish.

So, a devotee who likes to advance in devotion to Krishna should avoid everything that enhances thamo and rajo gunas.

Here comes the food that controls our gunas.

Having meat contaminates us in two ways:

(1) Meat is a thamo and rajo guna food.  It definitely contaminates our consciousness and we will face many hurdles and inducements while following devotion. So, we can’t advance in devotion fast.

(2) Meat involves killing of animals, birds and insects WILLINGLY. These living beings are more advanced in status than the plants. So, killing the animals add karma that have to be faced in subsequent births.

Though Vegetable eating also involves the killing of the plants, Krishna has recommended that only the vegetarian foods are meant for humans. Krishna Himself is vegetarian.

Krishna asks only the leaves, water, flower, etc.  He did not advise us to offer meat to Him to show our love.

For a devotee, we follow what KRISHNA ADVISED.

So, we should eat only the vegetables.

Since the vegetables are recommended by Krishna Himself as the allotted food for us, killing them is not sinful.

However, we may add karma through the persons who cooked the food. So, to avoid such karma transfer, we offer food to Krishna and then honour the same as prasadam.

When such a lovely procedure of giving to Krishna with love and then honouring the remnants, why should we touch the food that is not even touched by Krishna?

You need not sacrifice food for Krishna is you are unable to do so. Atleast sacrifice the meat products as a show of love for Krishna.

Always keep some ready made vegetarian foods with you in your room or house. It may even be some dry fruits like dates, cherry, dry grapes etc.

Whenever you do not get a vegetarian food, take those fruits after offering to Krishna.

Why should to use the meat coming through parcel or served in any function?

Proudly tell your relatives that YOU ARE A VEGETARIAN. They will give you something else for you.


Keep this in mind.

If something is not suitable for devotional way of life, we should throw it out.  We should not live on excuses.

So, say no excuses, please.  Quit the meat products totally.  Be a proud vegetarian.

Also reduce milk though you do not become a vegan.  Taking more than two cups of milk (total of about 300 ml) is also not good for health and consciousness because it takes long time to get digested.

Vegetarian food offered to Krishna is the best and only food for the devotees who wish to advance in devotion.

If you feel alright to take one or many more births, take meat. No issues.

Hope that you wont like to take many more births.

Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, has decades of association with the devotees of Krishna. He is promoting many sites and he promotes this blog-website as an E-SATHSANGHA (E-FORUM) to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems faced by the devotees! In this site, he writes the friendly and practical tips for the practice of devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He has been counselling through social media and websites since the year 2011. His services are guiding more than 1,20,000 serious followers and lakhs of visiting readers! RAJAN accepts no credits for his services but dedicates all the credits to Krishna.

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