Being a mentally retarded person, I chant 16 rounds daily, but, still I don’t act intelligently. Why?

Being a mentally retarded person, I chant 16 rounds daily, but, still I don’t act intelligently. Why?

Actual Question from a blessed devotee:

hare krsna prabhu Iam a mentally retarded person.but Iam trying to chant hare krsna 16 rounds but why I can’t act intelligently than normal what karma I did in last life.please explain.iam suffering jobless Iam in home only.even i went to 2 company I quit from job due to inability of work due to this problem.


I am very proud of you because even normal minded persons find it difficult even to try for chanting 16 rounds, but, you are trying to chant 16 rounds.

You will definitely be blessed by the Lord.  No need for any doubts in the same.

I hope that you re undergoing regular medication for your psychological problem.

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Actually, everyone has some kind of problems in his body, such as eyes, ears, mouth, heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, etc.

If you note every person, he will have atleast a single problem physically.  Atleast they will be wearing spectacles on their eyes or ear phones in their ears.

Some persons may be financially very rich, and use only the mineral water and refined oils, but, they may have some major diseases and attacked by repeated cold.  At the same time, even some beggars who eat foods given by others and drink water from public pipe lines will live for 80-90 years without any diseases  and they never face cold or cough in their life.

Why it is so?

Because, he had negative karma in finance, but, good karma in health.  Whereas, this rich guy has more negative karma in health and positive krma in finance.

The point is that every person will have some kind of problems and inabilities in his life.

In your case, you might have given many tortures to some people in your previous birth(s) because of which he/ she might have become mentally disturbed or retarded.  This dosha affects your psychology in your present birth.

However, you would have done many good karma in the previous births and hence you have got the opportunity to follow devotion to Krishna in this present birth.

Chanting is to take you closer to Krishna.  That is happening now in your case also.

Now, you are clearing your past karma.  That means, you are getting purified.  Therefore, you should not feel bad for having the psychological problem.

Not only you, about 15% OF THE POPULATION has some kind of small to big psychological problems. Even getting severely angry, doubting others, feeling inferior, taking revenge, etc are psychological issues only. Because of this highly competitive world, the psychological issues are increasing.

Atleast you have been able to keep your issue under control through medication.


This shows that Krishna is merciful to you though He has allowed to face the reactions of your past karma.  For those who have the support of Krishna, the problems will be under control compared to others.

If you had not involved in devotion and chanting, your psychological issue might not have been controlled by the medication.

You have asked about the intelligence.

Here, you have to accept the reality.  Though your psychological issue is under control, your brain will have some small difficulties in functioning like the normal people.  The sharpness of memory may be slightly less compared to the normal people.

Since you are under medication, you should perform your daily tasks with a proper sschedule.  You should not give more pressure to the brain.

Some jobs require perfect psychology.  Therefoe you can’t try for all the jobs.

But, there are some jobs and businessews that can be done by even the psychologically disturbed persons.

Let me list a few jobs or businesses that can be done by you:

Vegetable shop

General stores

Xerox shop with computer job typing with Mediator for identity cards/ driving license/ pan cards, etc.

Rail, Bus and air Ticket booking agency with Mediator for identity cards/ driving license/ pan cards, etc.

Two/ four wheeler mechanism (after learning in a workshop directly for atleast three months)

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Mobile phone servicing

Computer/ laptop servicing.

Real estate agency (brokerage)

Catering service door to door.

Tea shop or coffee shop that is very easy to start and manage.

A small restaurant.

A snack shop.

Agency for labours.

Private Bus conductor.

Textile shop.

Thus, there are so many business options that a person can do even if he is keeping his psychological issues under control with medication.

Hereafter, explore what talents you have.  You will definitely have one or two special talents and interests.

Find it out and make a project / plan in a paper about the requirements for doing your business.  Select a business in which you feel more comfortable.

Invest small amount initially and gradually increase the investment when your business starts growing.

Right selection and perfect planning is very important.

Instead of starting to plan and work, why should you remain idle in your home?

Think of my advices and enter into the action.

All the best.

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