Will the beggars’ karma come to us if we help the beggars?

Will the beggars’ karma come to us if we help the beggars?

Lakshmi asked like this:

“Sir, I m lakshmi. i have a doubt for so many days. i m a regular follower of your page. my question is: should we donate money to beggars? once i m giving money to a beggar one lady stopped me from doing and said they can work and make money but they dont. so we shoudnt encourage them. but when i discussed with my mother regaring this my mom said because of their bad fate they are like that. so it doesnt harm if you give a rupee. and also i read in some spiritual book that if we dont to a bad person their bad karma gets tranfered to us and  the beggars’ karma come to us if we help the beggars. is it true? for so many days i m a dilemma what to do? i stopped giving when i visit temple. but i do not know what is correct? thank you. waiting for your reply.”


Garuda Purana says that any dhaan should be done only to a good person, particularly to a good brahmana. It also says, if we do dhaan to a bad brahmana, it is sinful.

So, giving dhaan to a bad brahmana adds sins for us. Even while accepting a guru, we are advised to evaluate him thoroughly before accepting him as guru. A guru too is advised to evaluate his disciples before accepting them.

If we accept a bogus guru who are involving in the sinful acts, we too become a part of his sins. So, instead of getting liberated from sins, we add more sins in our account.

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So, if you find it difficult to ascertain any guru whether he is genuine or not, please postpone accepting him as guru. Because, instead of getting liberated, we will be more and more conditioned with this material world further.

Srimad Bhagavatham has predicted that we can not see perfect brahmanas in this kaliyuga. That is why, in this kaliyuga, no other rituals were recommended by sastras except chanting the Holy Names of Lord Krishna.

No need for yagas and yagnas, as there can be no perfect brahmanas to perform yagas and yagnas. So, we need not do any yagas.

Same applies in the case of beggars also. We can not analyze the beggars whether they are genuinely begging or not. So, we should not offer tips for all beggars.

If that beggar is of young age and can work and earn, do not offer any money to him. Because, he can even clean the tea glass in the tea shops and earn. He can work even in the hotels and earn and also have food. They can even do their service to the Lord and live happily.

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So, there are so many ways to live if one likes to lead a life by working & earning. Instead of doing so, if they come for begging and we offer them, that means, we are encouraging them to beg instead of working.

If all of us stop giving money to those healthy people, they may consider going to any job as the people are clever not to support healthy persons.

In my life, I follow the principle of offering tips and help the following persons:

(1) I help all Visually & Mentally challenged persons without analyzing their status, because, they can not do sins willingly.

(2) Dumb and hearing impaired. They are also very rare in involving in crimes.

(3) Very old people living on platforms who can not work, as they do not know how to cope up with the modern world as they are very conservative and their children and people are very modern.


(4) Children orphaned in their childhood itself.

I usually give as kinds instead of cash. For example, if any genuine boy/ girl is struggling to study because of money problems, I pay the help as fees directly in their school. I purchase books and give to them.

A few years back, I happened to talk to the current Kanchi Sankaracharya. When I requested him whether I can do any support to their good cause, he told me to donate books, notebooks, pens, papers, pads, etc., to all the children studying in their Vedic school.  I bought all the materials and donated to those small and cute children of less than 15 years of age who were studying vedas in perfect brahmana look. They were very happy as they did not have those materials at that time.

Thus, if we desire to support the genuine cause, Krishna will give us right opportunity.

In case of old people, I give them dress, cooked food, etc.

In the case of visually challenged persons, I do not analyze them, as in my view, they can not cheat us, and I offer as CASH to them. I also give clothes to them.

I have also helped for the marriage of very poor girls, if I personally know them that they are struggling in life.

In case, I am unable to judge whether the beggar is genuine or not, but he seems genuine, I offer a very small money for him. (Let the loss be small).

You too may follow my procedures. That may be safe for you and you need not worry whether the beggars’ karma come to us.

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Author: RAJAN

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