Why praying for wealth and Kama from Krishna is not encouraged?

Why praying for wealth and Kama from Krishna is not encouraged?

A Girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

Hare Krishna Prabhuji i like to ask u about a serious question relating to devotion .

Prabhuji Krishna is respecting both Artharthi,Bhaktha a like then why many criticise the Artharthi as they are not pure. As they also worship Krishna any way why we say we should not expect any thing from Lord. Sanathan dharma says 1.Dharma, 2.Artha, 3.Kama, 4.Moksha. God has given chance for Human beings alone among 840000 species to get all 4 parts then why many Spirituals condemn Artha and Kama God has given all then why some Spirituals condemn to Asking Money from God and say ask only Moksha why whether we should not ask Krishna to give Wealth to enjoy and help in this Janma and give moksha in this Janma itself.


Nice questions that will arise in every mind when one reads the Puranas.

Praying for money and Kama from Krishna is also permitted. But, it is lower level devotion.

Will you like to study only in the 10th Standard? Won’t you like to do Post graduation?

So, we are expected to go to the higher stage.

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Krishna classified His devotees based on the purpose with which they approach Krishna. Some approach him for Gnana. Some for material benefits. Some for relief from pains.

Finally, those who approach Krishna with love without any expectation from him. These fourth class people worship Krishna JUST FOR KRISHNA. Not for anything.

So, Krishna says that though all the other three types of devotees are also His devotees, the fourth mentioned devotees are called by Krishna as the dearest devotees to Him.

Because, they are totally surrendered to Him WITHOUT ANY EXPECTATIONS. So, They are in the highest level.

That is why, Srila Prabhupada encouraged this HIGHEST LEVEL of devotion, ie, approaching Krishna for love and service. Prabhupada said that his devotees do not have any demands from the Lord except His service.

Only these Top level devotees will go back to Krishna’s kingdom. Other three categories of devotees will take some more births and come to the fourth stage and then go back to Lord. That’s all.


If you follow the Dharma, Artha and Kama Properly and with control, they lead you to Moksha.

This is the reason for clasifying as Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

The mention of Kama is not to encourage Sense gratification. It is to know the temporary nature of Kama and using that Kama to beget children and then realizing the reality of this material life and then aiming for Moksha.

Unless one faces the problems of this material life, he can not get a drive to think of Moksha. This is the nature of human mind.

If we just orally say that this material life is dhukkalayam and asasvatham, they may seem to get attracted. But, after some period of time, if they see a beautiful girl, he may get tempted.

He may think: “Oh, are we missing the pleasures given by these beautiful girls?”

So, he may fall into the Kama unable to control himself.

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So, if he enters into grahastha ashrama following the grahastha rules and devotion and also faces the pains of material life, his mind may not think of the pleasures again. He may think more about Moksha with less diversions and disturbances.

So, it was said as FOUR PURUSHARTHAS:

Follow DHARMA OF BEING RIGHTEOUS in all stages of life;

Earn the wealth to manage yourself (ARTHA);

Know the nature of the PLEASURES (KAMA) and

While realizing the above three, aim for MOKSHA.

All the FOUR should be the NECESSARY GOALS OF ONE’s LIFE.

Dharma should be the base for all the other goals.

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Unless you follow the Dharma, you can’t get Moksha.

That is why, One has no need for praying for wealth and Kama from Krishna. If you follow Dharma in both the activities of Artha and Kama, all the others will come to you.

That means, earn following dharma;

Have Kama following dharma.

This will give you Moksha.

So, if you like to go back to Krishna within this birth itself, do not ask anything from Him EXCEPT CHANCES TO SERVE HIM WHEREVER HE WANTS! And follow dharma in all your activities.


So, Just follow the recommended dharma in all your activities in life.

Also follow the Kaliyuga Dharma of chanting the Lord’s Names.

You will get Krishna Himself.

Hope you are clear now about praying for wealth and Kama from Krishna.


Author: RAJAN

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