Why satva guna is favorable to follow devotion to Krishna?

Why satva guna is favorable to follow devotion to Krishna?

A woman devotee asked the above question.


Among three gunas, thamo and rajo gunas (Mode of ignorance and mode of passion) gives rebirth in this same planet or lower planets.

Those who are dominated in Rajo Guna will aggressively work for adding material comforts to them. So, they are given human birth again to fulfill their desires.


Those who are dominated in Thamo guna will act lazily and foolishly taking wrong decisions. They will have the desires that do not match their grade as a human. So, they are given birth in lower planets or hells.

That is why, these two types of persons are unable to grow in devotion. Though they are introduced to the devotion, they fall soon to their material desires.

If we speak of material detachments and attachments to Krishna, they may prefer adding materials and material relations to themselves. Their material desires will not allow them to think of Krishna wholeheartedly.

They may even discourage following devotional way of life and may even consider that the devotees are not sufficiently intelligent and capable of becoming rich and lead a life with comforts.

The satva guna dominated people usually give ears to hear about the higher thoughts like devotion to Krishna. They may like to reform themselves if they are properly guided.


The Satva guna dominated people will always wish to serve others. So, making them to serve Krishna is easier.

They will always evaluate their thoughts and life style to attain perfection in life. They may not know what the perfection is. But, if anyone guides them properly, they will accept them.

Satva guna dominated people are generally very merciful and they respect others. They do not speak harsh words against anyone and also forgive those who offend against them.

This respecting and humble nature makes them to see the devotees and vaishnavas with respects. So, they hear what these devotees say about Krishna. They are able to mingle with the devotees easily because they do not have negative attitude.

They do not doubt the vaishnavas and trust them. This nature makes them get more association of like-minded devotees. Since the association of vaishnavas is more important in devotion, they are able to grow in devotion fast.

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Satva guna dominated devotees would prefer doing upgrading/ elevating activities. So, they won’t hesitate to skip useless activities or schedules and use that time to come to the temples and practice devotion. This attitude ensures more exposure to Krishna to them.

Since satva guna persons will always prefer to read only the elevating topics, they will readily buy the books about Krishna and read. This will make them gain sufficient knowledge about Krishna that makes them intact with following devotion to Krishna.

Satva guna devotees would mostly be the vegetarians because non vegetrians who eat meat will have more domination of rajo and thamo gunas. This vegetarian people will like to honour prasadam, that is the vegetarian food blessed by Krishna. On its part, this prasadam too makes them grow fast in their devotion to Krishna.

Thus, all the factors are favourable for the satva guna dominated devotees to follow devotion to Krishna.



“Nectar of Instruction says that there are six principles favorable to the execution of pure devotional service:

(1) being enthusiastic

(2) endeavoring with confidence

(3) being patient

(4) acting according to regulative principles [such as sravaṇaṁ kirtanaṁ vishnoh smaranam—hearing, chanting and remembering Krishna]

(5) abandoning the association of nondevotees, and

(6) following in the footsteps of the previous acharyas.

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These six principles undoubtedly assure the complete success of pure devotional service.”

All these six favourable principles can be adopted by the persons of satva guna that is evident from the explanation given by me above.

Since the thamo guna people will be lazy and foolish, they will not follow the very first point of “being enthusiastic”.

As far as rajo guna people are concerned, they will be very enthusiastic in adding more and more material comforts and they will have the patience to follow devotion. So,  they too can’t follow devotion properly.

That is why, it is said that satva guna dominated persons grow fast in devotion to Krishna.

Hope you are clear.

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Author: RAJAN

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