Whom should we follow – Lord Rama or Pandavas because one left the country and the other fought the war?

Whom should we follow – Lord Rama or Pandavas because one left the country and the other fought the war?

Payal Bhatia asked like this:

I really need your blessings along with krishna. Krishna listens to his devotees and you are a true devotee. You have always guided like an elder brother.


In your post, I have a question: Lord Rama silently left his kingdom, however, Pandavas not initially eventually fought for their share of kingdom.  According to my perception, these are equivalent scenarios, what was the right dharma?  The decision made by Rama to go for exile or Pandavas who fought with Kaurav.  Who is there to guide us ? Thanks a lot again, Prabhuji.  Thousands of blessings to you and your family and all other devotees who are helping you.


I think that your understanding is not complete about the background of happenings.

First, Lord Rama is the Vishnu/ Krishna Himself as Rama avatar. He came to the earth hiding some of His qualities. He even did not remember that He is the Lord Himself all the time. Only in a certain circumstances, He remembered and showed that He is the Lord. Eg: He left to Vaikunta miraculously by entering into the river water. However, He fought the war with Ravana like a normal Kshatriya and won.

Whereas, Pandavas are humans and Kshatriyas. Not avatars. So, they acted as Kshatriyas by fighting the war.

If you deeply note the background of happenings in both Ramayana and Mahabharatha, you can infer the following:

(1) Rama acted as an obedient son who will not refuse to obey the orders of parents. So, He left the palace when He was asked to do go in exile for 14 years in the forest.

(2) Just because he obeyed the orders of His mother, He did not escape from fighting the war with Ravana.

(3) But, both Rama and Pandavas did not start the war as the first step. Rama sent the messenger Hanuman to advise Ravana to release Sita Devi promptly. In Mahabharatha, Krishna spoke to Duryodhana and his camp to spare atleast a small piece of land for Pandava.

(4) In both the cases, the efforts by Rama and Krishna to peacefully end the problem failed since Ravana and Duryodhana were greedy and refused to solve the issues through peaceful means.

(5) Therefore, only as a last resort, both Rama and Pandavas decided to fight the wars with Ravana and Duryodhana camps.

(6) Therefore, both Rama and Pandavas acted similarly in avoiding the war and the death of kiths, kins and soldiers.

(7) It is the practice even now. Countries first take steps to solve the issues between them through peaceful means and through the international forums like United Nations.  When they fail, they start wars. Recently, even the U.S President and North Korean president tried discussions to reduce the nuclear tension.

(8) So, Rama may have different personal qualities when He approached His gurus, relatives and parents. And, pandavas might have been aggressive in their normal life. But, when the situation arises as a threat for their genuine rights, Lord Rama or Pandavas had to fight the war. They never failed to discharge their duties as Kshatriyas.

So, the comparison made by you seems to be weak.

Ok, Whom to follow? Rama or Pandavas?

Both.  Learn from the both.

Learn how to obey our parents and how to lead a disciplined life from Lord Rama.

Learn how to be a surrendered devotees to the Lord from Pandavas since they were fuly dependant on Krishna and acted as directed by Him.

Both these qualities we can learn from Lord Rama or Pandavas.

And, in case there is an issue with your family members or friends, first try your best to solve the issues through frank discussion. Only as a last resort, go to the court to settle the issue.

But, do not start a war with them to kill them. We are not kshatriyas. The kshatriyas do not get sin if they kill their enemies in the war field. But, if we kill someone, it is seriously sinful. Even if the kshatriyas kill their wife in their homes, it is also sinful. The immunity is only in the war field, not in the personal life.

This is the lesson we have to learn from Lord Rama or Pandavas.

Of course, if we follow these qualities, our life will be like a life in Vaikunta even on earth.

Hope you are clear.

Author: RAJAN

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