Why Krishna keeps Himself Superior and others inferior to only serve Him?

Why Krishna keeps Himself Superior and others inferior to only serve Him?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

Hare Krishna Prabhu… In your post on 16.10.18, u r saying that Krishna will send us back to material planets from Goloka if we need more time…. But He says in BG that One who enters His abode will Never return to material planets… Pls clarify !!! And u also mentioned that In Goloka only Krsna is the master and everyone else will serve Him. My big doubt is… What makes the Supreme God/Paramathma to be always Superior and the Souls like us always inferior (bcoz when we tend to lord over others, we take birth in material planets…. But the Supreme Lord never gets that tendency…… So this is like… The Supreme Personality alone will always be blissful and the souls like us r getting the tendency to lord over others and take repeated births…… But the Supreme God is always Eternal…… Why is this inequality ??
And 1 more q… What decides the Gunas (3 modes of nature) of the conditioned soul in its human form ?? Is it fixed b4 birth or acquired in our young age ?? And could you pls explain why the Spirituality among People r decreasing yuga after yuga starting from Satya yuga…. thank you so much!! Pls hide my name.


Ha Ha.  We thought like this in Goloka. So, we fell down from Goloka and came here.

Now, we are discussing them here to go back to Goloka again.

Krishna deserves that Superior position and we deserve this position as servant.


Jack ma started Alibaba in China from a room of his house fighting with international giants who were stepping into China at that time.

He initiated the process and took risks to establish Alibaba as one of the pioneer companies of China even challenging other online business giants.

Jack ma initiated this project giving rise to thousands of employees who are leading their life just because of his initiative.

So, Jack Maa is the leader. The initiator and fore runner is always considered a leader.

Before Gandhiji came to India, the fight for freedom was spread here and there. He assembled entire country against the British rule and won the independence for the country.

Since he initiated this fighting process in an organized manner, he is the leader in the hearts of people.

The leaders are not created. They make themselves as leaders.

Krishna was existing before anyone and He initiated the creations. Krishna created entire creations in a well planned and organized manner. One can’t even imagine the extensive size of the creations and the variety Krishna followed in each and every place.

Since Krishna is the initiator and creator, He is the leader naturally. After seeing even the creation of earth and our solar system, how can we fail to recognize the greatness of Krishna?

No other discoveries made by men can match even one percent of the creations of Krishna. All the scientists are just exploring the creations of Krishna to their limited  level. They have to take decades to travel to distant stars. But, Krishna is managing everything just on the go.

So, He is the Supreme Person.

Jack ma considers all his employees as his partners and is treating them with dignity. He allows them to come to the top positions in his company.

Even Mr.Narayana Murthy of Infosys of India, created a company from scraps and made it a giant in software services. Now, he has retired from his position giving way to the employees to lead the company.

Thus, leaders create themselves and recognize the services of others.

The employees of a company naturally consider their founder chairman as the leader because only he opened the doors of opportunities for them to work.

A good company announces vacancies for PERMANENT JOBS. The employees join. The company appoints him in a hope that he will fit for the post evaluating his credentials through the resume and selection process. Until they are working for that company loyally, that company will not send them out. This is called PERMANENT JOB. ‘Permanent’ means ‘until you are following the rules’ and they will not send out without any reasons.  Isn’t it? However, an employee can resign the job at any time and go to another job. The company will not stop him from leaving. Or, if an employee is violating the rules of the company, then, the company can terminate him. These are printed in the rules of appointment.

Thus, Permanency is always conditional.

Similarly, Only Krishna made us to exist. He created all of us from His body itself.  He wanted us to be with Him in His kingdom. He trusted us because He is so merciful. Because of our free will, we came here to the material world.

Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that those who come to His kingdom never returns here. This means, He does not send anyone on His own. But, he allows us to go anywhere from Goloka.

We violated the rules of Goloka in which we are expected to serve all the time that is a blissful experience for a true devotee. We wanted to be served. So, we were sent here to taste the effects of getting served.

In this material world, there are some systems. Krishna has created these material worlds to satisfy our needs of getting served. He satisfies all our expectations.

But, the condition in the material world is that every service one shows to another involves expectations. If a worker serves a political party leader, he expects some positions in the party.

If a wife serves the husband, she expects honour, recognition and pleasure in the family. Same is expected by the husband too. He loves his wife only until she serves him.

If an employee does not get promotions in his job as expected by him, he resigns his job and goes to another company and so on.

Thus, in this material world, everything is packed with expectations. In Goloka, there is no need for such expectations.  However, Krishna allows us to expect out of His causeless mercy. If anyone develops some trace of expectations, Krishna sends here for more training with the reality of expectations.

Compared to Krishna, we are inferior. Because, Krishna is not affected by materials though He created all the material worlds also. We were affected by the materials and we bound ourselves with the materials. So, we are inferior.

But, our real position is athma whose only business is to serve the Paramathma Krishna. We bound ourselves more and more with the materials.

In this situation, how can we blame Krishna? He is considering us as conditioned souls and he is expecting us when we will get relieved from this conditioned state and come back to Him. We only are delaying our release from materials.

If we take steps to come out of our material attachments and develop Prema to Krishna, we can go back to Krishna’s Kingdom and Krishna is readily waiting to take us to His kingdom, without snatching our freedom to think even in His kingdom.

When He is this much liberal and merciful, we have no reason to find fault in Krishna’s purpose.

There are jails in the country. We commit some crimes and go to the jails. Can we blame the government for having such jails in the country?

The jail term is to make us realize that we have offended in our life and we should lead a responsible life after getting released.

Same happens in Krishna’s administration. Whether to live in this jail of material planet or in the free Goloka is our choice only. Until we are following the rules of Goloka, we can definitely remain there. Krishna will not send us anywhere else.

Krishna is eternal with unlimited capacity. We, as athma, are also eternal but with some limited capacity.  We just change our bodies again and again. If we go back to Krishna, we will always be living there with our spiritual bodies, but, with the free will even there. Until we do not use that free will to expect service from others, we can be there.

Three gunas are the factors of material world only. Once we enter into the material planet, we come under three gunas. When we come out of these three gunas, we will not be here, but in Brahma jothi. If we had lived for Krishna, we will be in Krishna’s Kingdom itself.

So, all are because of our actions only. Krishna has given options. What we use is our own discretion only.

Hope you are clear now.


Krishna never considers us as inferior. He is always thinking of us and praising our efforts. He took Pandavas to Bhishma deva to get some preaching on dharma. He gave that credit to His devotee Bhishma deva. He likes to add merits to us. We do not give space. Isn’t it?


Even in our site, there are majority of followers who just read the posts but do not do anything back to the site considering the pains involved in delivering contents to them free of cost. This is the conditioned and clever mentality that will not do good to anyone. With this mindset, we are following devotion. How can we expect good results when we just get benefited but without doing any support or service to the person who gives us the benefits?

Same happens in ISKCON and other temples too. Many devotees come, get benefited and go. They do not even remove a piece of paper or flower that is scattered in the temple. They do no service to the temples. Only a few devotees give their service back to the temples and hence others are getting benefited. Krishna recognizes ONLY such humble devotees who give their support and service back to Krishna.

This is the clever mentality of the majority of people in this material planet. Such materially clever persons will take long time to get relieved from the material world and go back to Krishna.

So, a devotee should be humble and recognize the services to Krishna and be with these services through all possible means. A cleverly acting person who always doubts the vaishnavas will take many births to come out of his cleverness and doubts first through painful experiences.

Only a humble devotee who recognizes and supports the services of other devotees will be liked by Krishna. There is no doubt in this. Are we having such a sharing mentality? We should think of this and correct ourselves.

In a nutshell, Devotion is not related to cleverness, but, with Humbleness, Sacrifice and Surrender. Let us evaluate ourselves atleast now and take steps to correct ourselves.

Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.

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