Why should the dead bodies be cremated as early as possible?

Why should the dead bodies be cremated as early as possible?

A male devotee (Name hidden)  asked like this:

“What is the purpose, what is the reason and what is spiritual and scientific significance behind the cremation of the body after death?”


The scriptures like Garuda Purana say that a dead body must be cremated on the same day.  It should not be kept for long period.

Because, when the dead body is kept for long period,  so many ghosts enter the house in which the body is kept and starts affecting our environment and the entry of ghosts into the house enhances the Thamo Guna for the assembled persons.

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Why ghosts enter when we keep dead body at home?

Read this in detail:

(1) When a person dies, only the physical body is shed, but the subtle body consisting of the mind, intellect, ego which contains all the desires and impressions continues to exist. The mind, intellect and subtle ego form the personality of the person. These personality traits remain unaltered and dying physically does not change the person in any way.

(2) The concept of attachment for ones physical body:

When a person dies, he is unfamiliar with all the experiences of the afterlife as one will understand from the article – The region of death. Thus he clings to the body he knows and the world he came from, even though he is dead. This is heightened when the body is kept completely intact as happens when the body is embalmed or frozen for a delayed funeral. The subtle body associates itself with its physical body and thus finds it that much more difficult to detach and proceed on its onwards journey as it cannot leave its prior ‘home’ – its physical body.

(3) Negative Vibrations around the dead body that attract negative frequencies/ ghosts:

At the time of death, excretory gases are expelled from the dead body. These excretory gases are regular physical gases expelled by the body such as putrefying (decaying) gases etc. Since they are gases exiting a decaying body, their frequencies and vibrations are negative in nature and as a result the thamo component increases in the immediate surrounding environment.


Ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) get attracted to these negative frequencies and enter the environment around the dead body.

Then, the ghosts together gains the control of the dead body and the ghosts emit a kind of black gases that makes the dead body blackened.

If the body is still kept in house, the ghosts turn their attention towards the Subtle body of that person.  If they catch the subtle body , that person can not go to the world of ancestors and that dead person too has to become a ghost.

So, if we like to prevent the dead person from becoming a ghost, we must cremate him/ her within 4-6 hours of death.

Now a days the bodies are refrigerated for many days till relatives come.  This is wrong as per the scriptures as that preserved body will have been caught by ghosts.

So, without expecting anyone,  it is better to cremate within hours, having the attended relatives.

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So, the body is cremated immediately to prevent the entry of ghosts and thamo guna.

What happens when the body is cremated?

From a spiritual perspective, the main aim of a funeral rite should be to accomplish the following:

(1) Minimise the attack by ghosts

(2) Help the subtle body shake off its bond to the physical body

(3) To give momentum and protection to the subtle body in its onward journey in the afterlife.

(4) To protect the environmental pollution.

Hope you are clear now about why the dead bodies should be cremated as early as possible.

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