What is the need of hells since we forget our sins while after death?

What is the need of hells since we forget our sins while after death?

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“hare krishna prabhu ji…may i ask a small doubt…kindly answer me when u get d tym…what is the point of hell if the souls dont recollect any of the experiences they faced when they are reborne…i mean as a saying goes a cat that has fallen in hot water will be scared even if it comes across cold water because it remembers the burns and pain it went through…but if d cat keeps forgeting d pain everytime it comes out of d water it wont hesitate jump in again….so if the people were to remember the pain and suffering they went through in hell they would surely think a thousand times before commiting a sin..but since they dont they dont hesitate to indulge in sinful activities again…so what is the point of this punishment if it does not provoke the soul to lead a better lyf..


What is the need of hells when we forget our sins while after death? This doubt is everywhere.  But, Lord is the best and superior creator.  He has reasons for everything.

First, if he remembers all his past life memories, he will kill his enemy in this birth if he could not kill him in the past birth and settle the scores.  So, enmighty will continue in all births and no chance for reformation of a soul.  So, Lord hides all past memories.

If he remembers his past life memories, he may love his lover of past life in this life also though his lover has become the wife of another man in this birth.  He will go to the husband of this birth and tell him:  “This girl was my wife in my past birth.  Now, he has married you after death and rebirth”.  Now, many men from many births will claim a single girl as husbands and vice versa.  If that girl has taken 5 births as a girl and married five husbands in five births, all the five men will come again in this birth and claim her and take her from her present husband.

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If a person dies and his son sells father’s property to another man, the dead man will take birth again and go to the buyer of the land and tell:  “My son sold it without my consent after my death.  Now, I want that land.  Please give me”.    So, property issues will crop up.

Do you want Krishna to create such a situation by giving memories of lost bodies?  You may wish.  But, Krishna will not.  Because he knows its consequences.

However, he will forget all his happenings ONLY WHEN HE TAKES NEXT BIRTH in a new sthool body (Gross body).  Till he takes a new birth, ie, when he is facing hellish punishments, he remembers all his actions of his past births because he has no yet been given rebirth, but, he is given just a temporary body to face punishments in hells and pleasures in heavens and then to live in Pitru loka till he gets a new body.  So, he will realize that he is facing punishment only for a particular offense of past birth.

For example, when a man spoils the purity of many girls, he is taken to a separate hell in which he is asked to have intercourse with a girl made up of RED HOT IRON.  Just imagine whether it is possible even to go near a girl made up of iron that has been heated to red.  He has to connect with that girl through his temporarily given private organs.  When he cries out of pains and burns, the yama kingaras will shout at him:  “Hey man.  When you were alive on earth, you have had intercourse with so many women. Now, have sex with just this single girl. We will not allow you to escape”.

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Thus, he remembers his past sins when he faces punishment in hells. Here, we can understand the need of hells since we forget our sins while after death?

But, when he takes next birth in a new body, he forgets all.

Though he does not remember in new body, Such  punishments have been recorded in the sukshma body that holds athma in it and hence he would have been purified to some extent.  So, in his next birth he will atomatically lead a less sinful life.

For example, if he had cheated 1000 people, after punishments in hell,  because of the recordings of such punishments and purifications, he may commit less sins in this birth or no remarkable sins at all.  His bad qualities will come down gradually in birth after birth and he will become a good man birth after birth.  Such purification will happen naturally after punishments in hells.

Punishments in hell is just like cleansing the dust on a mirror. So, the mirror will become clean though it does not realize its getting cleansed. This is the actual need for hells.

Hope you are clear.

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