There was once a man chopping wood in the forest.

He was splitting the wood, stacking it in piles etc.

“It’s very exhausting work,” he thought.

So he sat under on particularly nice tree, and he thought to himself, “I just wish all this wood would chop itself.”

So suddenly all the trees chopped themselves and stacked themselves up very nicely.

“What is this?” he thought.

“I just wished that it would happen, and it happened.”

So then he looked up at the tree he was under, and he realized that it was a kalpa-vrksa tree.

“Wow….I want sacks of gold coins now”

To his surprise, a sack of gold coins appeared before him”

His desires did not end.

He wanted to get the maximum out of it.

His desire went to the next phase.

“This is wonderful! Now I desire a beautiful woman.”


The most beautiful woman appeared to him.

“Now I desire a beautiful palace to live in, I desire so many servants, an opulent feast..”

On and on he went for many hours, and every single thing appeared because he was sitting under a desire tree.

But then he thought, “The sun is going down, it’s getting dark now. I know what’s going to happen. Because this is a jungle, a tiger’s going to appear and that tiger’s going to eat me.”

He did not know the consequences of his desire.

Because he thought it, and he was sitting under a desire tree, a tiger appeared and gobbled him up.


We have to be very careful what we desire.


Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.

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