VAIVASVATA CITY is the City of Yama!

This city has 144 Kadha, ie, 2419 kms breadh!

(Kadha is an ancient measurement. One kadha is equal to 10 miles or 16.8 kms approximately)!

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It has 84,000 varieties of living beings inside the city!

Gandharvas and Apsaras are also living there!

There are 12 assistants of Yama called SIRAVANAS, who inform the data bank of the good and bad karmas of every jeevan entering the yamapuri!

So, all the jeevans entering that city will have to offer respects to all those 12 SIRAVANAS while travelling to Yamapuri!

If the jeevans do so, those SIRAVANAS will project the Good Karmas of that jeevan more to Yama and bad deeds less!

So, all the jeevans must  regularly offer his respects to all the 12 SIRAVANAS in their life time!”

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Garuda! Let me explain the procedures of the court of Yama!

Yama has an accountant called CHITRAGUPTHA!

All the 12 Siravanas observe the good and bad deads of each jeevan and inform to Chitraguptha!

Chitraguptha records them in a ledger!

When a particular jeevan comes to his court, Chitraguptha reads all his accounts related to that jeevan to the Yama!

Chitraguptha also reads what are the suggested punishments for the sins of that jeevan!

Based on his recommendations, Yama reads the judgement and asks the Yama Kingaras to implement those punishments immediately!

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The jeevan has to face the reactions and punishments like this:

If he had done sins through his mouth, he has to face the punishments through mouth! (  That is, he will be scolded in a hell by other inmates).

If he had done sins through his body (like torturing bodily), he has to face the punishments through body! ( That is, he will be kicked and slapped  in a hell by other inmates! If he had cheated many girls, he will be kicked by many girls in the hells!  This will be explained in the list of hells later!).

If he had done sins through his mind, he has to face the punishments through mind! (That is, he will be indulged  in a hell by other inmates, in crucial position that give him mental tortures!).”

“Those who were praising & respecting the seniors & read the sastras sincerely, will be respected at the Yamapuri!

Whereas, those who insulted the seniors, teased them, talked ill about them, will face a typical situation in the hells that so many worms will be flowing out of his mouth!

Those who spoiled the wives of other men and those who killed and tortured other living beings will get a cruel body (such as wild animals, dogs, pigs, etc) in the next birth!

Those who were always thinking of doing ill to others will get the next body that will always feel such ill treatments from others!”

This is the description of Yama’s country and court.

as per Garuda Purana, that is one of the 18 bonafied puranas spoken by Sri Sudha Gosvami to rishis in Naimisharanya forest.

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