Do Indian Scriptures speak about Multiple Stars and Solar System?

Do Indian Scriptures speak about Multiple Stars and Solar System?

A male devotee asked like this:

“Hare krishna prabhuji… I hav few doubts for which i haven’t got convincing answers.

According to shastras if there is only one sun, what abt other stars that we see in sky? Even they hav their own planetary system!

The moon is farther than the sun from earth, if thats the case how does solar eclipse takes place? I.e moon coming in between sun and earth”


Who said that scriptures say that there are only one planet or sun?  There are many planets and each planet is illuminated by a sun.

There are innumerable planets and suns in the material creations of Lord.

However, in Spiritual planets, there is no sun. Lord Krishna says that all the spiritual planets are naturally glowing with the rays coming out of the body of Lord.  Sun is needed only in material planets.

For our solar system, there is one sun and many planets.  Similarly, there are innumerable suns and related planets.  Even the unmanned MANGALYAN sent by India’s ISRO travelled one full year to reach Mars’ orbit.  How these scientists are going to scale all these innumerable planets?

Because the sun is closer to us, it is hot.  If you watch the sky at night, you can see so many stars that are glowing.  As there are far away from this earth, they are not hot.

Srila Prabhupada has written a nice book namely EASY JOURNEY TO OTHER PLANETS in which he explains about Lord’s creations.

We can reach so many planetary systems and solar systems through spiritual practice without the need for a satellite because Indian Scriptures speak about Multiple Stars and Solar System very clearly in many places calling them as LOKAS. They classified them as higher, lower and middle lokas.  They went beyond the material planets and also classifies spiritual planets also, like Vaikunta planets.

Let us read what Srila Prabhupada spoke of these planetary systems of material worlds in a conversation with reporters in Melbourne, Australia, on June 29, 1974:

Reporter 3: Your Divine Grace, in your books you talk about Brahmaloka, which, I suppose, is heaven, where we will at last see God.

Srila Prabhupada:    No. First of all, heaven is simply a higher material planetary system, where you cannot directly see God. There are many material lokas, or planetary systems, and heaven is one of them, and of course Brahmaloka is one. Don’t you see? There are so many material planetary systems, with innumerable planets. The planetary systems include Brahmaloka, Chandraloka, Varunaloka, Suryaloka, and so many others.

Reporter 3:   So when we speak of heaven, are we speaking of a physical place? Would one be on a physical planet?

Srila Prabhupada: Just consider the planets in this universe that you see each day and night. Are they physical or not? Take the sun. The sun is not a physical planet?

Reporter 3: It is.

Srila Prabhupada: What do you mean by “physical.”

Reporter 3: Well, actually existing on a material…

Srila Prabhupada: At night don’t you see so many planets existing — innumerable planets? Are they physical or not?

Reporter 3: Stars and planets. They are physical, yes.

Srila Prabhupada: Yes. Consider this example. When you say “United States of America,” you are talking about an actual place. There are living entities — men and mountains and rivers. Everything is there.

Similarly, all these other planets in this universe — they are inhabited by living entities. There are similarly cities and towns and mountains and rivers and oceans. Everything is there — though of a unique pattern on each planet.

So in heaven, everything is of a superior quality, a superior pattern. As a result, in your present body you are not able to go and live there. Even on this single planet, there are widely varying climatic conditions. In the Arctic region some living entities can live, but for us it is very difficult to live there. One place is suitable for one kind of man; another place is suitable for another.

So from planet to planet, and from place to place on each planet, you’ll find living entities. And these living entities have received various kinds of material bodies just suitable to various conditions.

For instance, you cannot live within the ocean, but just for that reason you cannot say that nobody can live within the ocean. That would be foolishness. Simply you must admit you cannot live there. But there are so many varieties of fish, and they are living within the ocean very comfortably.

So don’t try to transfer your present experience to other living entities. That is not a very good argument. Now, here on this planet many of the so-called scientists — they are saying that on other planets there are no living entities. Why? These so-called scientists are putting forth so many reasons: “This element is lacking.” “That element is lacking.”

But what, Mr. Scientist, do you know of how this or that condition may affect beings with bodies vastly different from anything you have experienced? You know virtually nothing about the other planets. Then how can you say there are no living entities there?”

So we can not materially scale all the stars similar to or different from the sun and the related planets created by Lord Krishna.

Next you have asked about solar eclipse. Sun is big.  Moon is small.  Then how sun is hidden by moon.

Actually, the distance of sun is more.  So, sun appears like having the equal size of moon.  Moon is near to earth. So, though it is smaller than sun, it appears to have the same size of sun.

Read THIS POST to know what happens during the Solar and Lunar eclipses.

Hope you are clear


Indian Scriptures speak about Multiple Stars and Solar System and also about different changes in the solar system.

When solar eclipse or lunar eclipse occurs, our scriptures advise us not to take heavy food and they advise us to take full bath after the end of eclipse.  Why?

Because, when eclipse occurs, the sun’s Ultra violet rays are totally stopped by moon from falling on earth.  When the moon moves away, High density of U-V rays start to fall on our body.  So, our skin, eyes and some body systems are affected to some extent. U-V rays are very harmful to the body.

So, the scriptures advise us to take bath and clear the U-V rays from the skin.  And, when eclipse occurs, the cumulative attraction of sun and moon towards the earth will be high.  That is why, the waves in the sea are agitated during eclipse time. Even the psychologically affected persons over-react during the eclipse days and during Full moon and no moon days.  So, heavy food will take very long time to get digested.  So, we have to take less food during these days.

Our scriptures are not stories.  They are the sources of real knowledge.  If we follow them, it is good.

Read about the authenticity of our scriptures HERE.

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