Do Same avatars of Vishnu/ Krishna repeat in every Yuga?

Do Same avatars of Vishnu/ Krishna repeat in every Yuga?

Akhila asked like this:

“Hare Krishna prabhuji. Recently in one of the post you said 4 yugas rotate 1000 times and becomes 1day of Brahma and similarly the night . Does Krishna take same avatars like Narashima in Satya , rama in tretha etc in every rotation ? Does same Prahalad , Ravana pastimes takes place every yuga ? Will same Bhagavatam will be written again. Doesn’t Krishna get bored by same pastimes ?”


Krishna never gets bored because He is always in a Sat Cit Ananda state and taking avatars is the merciful act of Krishna.

Krishna takes avatars for us only, ie, to remind and protect the dharma. He kills those who are causing the deterioration of dharma and who tortures His devotees in every yuga.

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Do Same avatars of Vishnu/ Krishna repeat in every Yuga?

Same avatars do not happen in every yuga. Krishna takes avatars in every yuga. This is true. But, need not be similar. Some times, similar avatars happen, but, not necessarily in every yuga. It is the causeless will of Krishna.

Narsimmha, Rama and Krishna avatars do not happen in every yuga. They repeat again, but, not in every yuga.  But, the duration is different. We will see that in this article.

Krishna takes different avatars in different forms in every yuga, but, same characters, ie, devotees and demons need not be present in every yuga. It is not a pre-planned script to fix the nature of His avatar. No such scripts for Krishna to take similar avatars in every yuga.

You ask will Krishna come in the next Dvapar yuga and Narsimha in the next satya yuga and Rama in the next treat yuga.


Of course, Same avatars of Vishnu/ Krishna repeat, but, need not be in every yuga with the same name, type, etc.

According to the need, the nature of avatar varies.

Sri Rupa Goswami says in Laghu Bhagvatamritam: “Kalpa Avatars mostly happen once in a kalpa. Lord Ram has come in the 24th Divya Yuga of this manvantra, we are in the 28th Divya Yuga. The will of Lord is supreme and sometime it may change. Like Lord Vamana has already come twice in this Manvantra”.

Krishna coming as Krishna happens every kalpa, ie, every day of Brahma.

Narsimha avatar will happen in future, but, need not be in the next satya yuga. Lord Rama avatar will happen again, but need not be in the next treta yuga after 43,20,000 years. The characters/ participants may be different in all the avatars.

Let us have an interesting calculation.

Kaliyuga has 4,32,000 years.

Dwapar yuga has, 4,32,000 X 2 = 8,64,000 years.

Treta yuga has 4,32,000 X 3 = 12,96,000 years.

Satyuga has 4,32,000 X 4 = 17,28,000 years.

All the four yugas consist of 43,20,000 years That is called One Chatur Yuga or One Maha Yuga.

In every Maha Yuga, many avatars happens. Rama avatar too may happen whenever need arises, but, same Ravana, may not be there in the next Rama avatar. The background of avatar may be different.

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Krishna Comes as Krishna during the every day of Brahma.

Let us continue the calculation of a day of Brahma.

If the Maha Yuga comes 71 times, it is called ONE MANVANTHRA.

That is, One Manvanthra consists of 43,20,000 X 71 = 30,67,20,000 years. Wow.

Every 14 Manvantaras are called “ONE KALPA

That is, 30,67,20,000 X 14 = 4,29,40,80,000 years are called ONE KALPA. Adjusted calculation gives 4.32 billion years as the One Day of Brahma.

THIS one KALP is equal to 12 HOURS of BRAHMA. This is ONE DAY TIME for Brahma.

Another kalpa (4.32 billion years) is his night time.

During every night of Brahma, Pralaya happens.

The present kaliyuga in which we are living is 28th Chatur yuga or 7th Manvantara.

Krishna appears as Krishna Himself during every day time of Brahma, ie, every 8.64 billion years (One day + Night = a day of Brahma).

We are fortunate to live just 5000 years after the avatar of Krishna as Krishna Himself.

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Just 5000 years have passed.

Similarly, different avatars will come in every chatur yuga, but, it need not be the same forms of Lord, same demons, characters, etc.

The purpose of avatars will be different.

But, all avatars will be to protect the dharma and the devotees.

Krishna brings all His expansions like Narayana, Vishnu, etc and also His dear devotees/ partners of lilas whenever He comes as Krishna Himself.

Srila Prabhupada confirms this here in the tenth canto of Srimad Bhagavatham:

“But when Krishna appears, all the Visnu expansions join with Him. Krishna’s different expansions—namely Narayana, the quadruple expansion of Vasudeva, Sankarsana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha, as well as partial plenary expansions like Matsya, the incarnation of a fish, and the yuga-avataras (incarnations for the millennium) and the manvantara-avataras (incarnations associated with the reigns of the Manus)—all combine together and appear within the body of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Krishna is the complete whole, and thus all plenary expansions and incarnations always live with Him.

Therefore when Krishna appeared, Lord Visnu was with Him. Krishna actually appears in order to demonstrate His Vrindavana pastimes and in this way attract the fortunate conditioned souls and invite them back home, back to Godhead. The killing of the demons in Vrindavana was carried out only by the Visnu portion of Krishna.”

Thus, Same avatars of Vishnu/ Krishna repeat in different Yugas, but with different forms and purpose. Krishna is not an avatar, but, Krishna came as Krishna Himself with all His potency and expansions.

Thus, Krishna avatar is not frequent, but once a day of Brahma. Other avatars come whenever the need arises in different yugas. In addition to the avatars, Krishna frequently sends Shakti Avesha Avatars also, ie, sending some devotees to spread His messages to the fallen souls.

Hope this helps.


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