Why Krishna takes avatars in India only, not other countries?

Why Krishna takes avatars in India only, not other countries?

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Yes. Krishna takes all His avatars in India.

Every country has the people of different Knowledge level, Social level and life style..

Out of all the countries, India has the people who have more number of people who can understand top spiritual secrets and follow them.

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Some countries have been given more money and facilities to have more material enjoyments.

Some countries have been given more facilities to have excessive meat eating habits.

Some regions have been given more desire to know about the supreme Truth of the God, His Creations and the living beings.

India comes in the third category.  That is why Krishna takes avatars in India only and speak about the topmost spiritual secrets to the people.

He sends His representatives to other countries to go and establish the concepts of Supreme Truth of the God, His Creations and the living beings.

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According to the local situations there, His representatives preach in different ways.

Krishna sends His representatives to other countries, but, He directly comes to India.

Because, India is the Dharma Bhoomi, ie, Holy Land that encourages spiritual advancement compared to other parts of this world.  Actually, the whole material world is the replica of the spiritual worlds only. Whatever is present in the spiritual world will also be here in these material planets in small quantities and small capacities.

For example, all our activities originate from Krishna only.  Whatever Krishna does, we too do in very small magnitude.  The only difference is that Krishna has all the qualities 100%, but, we have very small percentage.

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The Vrindavan in India is also the replica of the Goloka Vrindavan where Krishna lives.  Vrindavan  is a Spiritual spot in this material world.  This means that Vrindavan  is the place where Krishna and Radharanmi eternally lives.   However, whenever Krishna decide to come to earth as KRISHNA HIMSELF, He chooses Vrindavan only to descend as it is the replica of the Goloka Vrindavan.

Vrindavana is nondifferent from the Lord Himself.

The large companies will have Guest house in different places. Whenever the management employees and company directors visit those places, they will stay there and organize confidential meetings.

Krishna’s Branch of Goloka Vrindavan is in India because India has the people having more Spiritual Quotient (SQ).

Without knowing this fact, we are following the west and becoming materially strong.

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Krishna chooses Vrindavan and entire Vraj mandala that is in India to perform His lilas every time He visits the earth.

He would not prefer to visit anywhere else because they may not have sufficient knowledge to understand His lilas and messages.

In Christianity, Rome and Jerusalem are the places of worship. For Islam, Mecca is the place of worship.

Similarly, India is the fortunate country that has the abode of the supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna’s Vrindavana.

Hope you are clear about Why Krishna takes avatars in India only, not other countries.

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