Is Mayadevi closer to us than Krishna as she is our immediate controller?

Is Mayadevi closer to us than Krishna as she is our immediate controller?

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna prabhuji..prabhuji i have question regarding apara shakti of sri krishna..that is mahamaya no? I want to ask that in material world if mahamaya control us, so as we try to go in spritual path then only mahamaya will control us? If we get success to stay away from the effect of mahamaya then which shakti will control us as we would remain in meterial world until we go to spritual world (where yogmaya, Radharani ,will control us ). but till we are alive we have to be in meterial world. Sri prabhupada said maya will catch us as the moment we forget sri Krishna..then remembering Sri Krishna all the time makes us controlled by which of His Shakti?”


If you have cold and cough, it is caused by HISTAMINES as said by researchers and doctors.  So, we take ANTIHISTAMINES that sit on the histamines like a cap and hence controls the effects of cold/ cough.

To control histamines, we do not give histamines, but antihistamines only because it is powerful than histamines.

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If an employee commits an illegal act, other employees report to their master, that is, manager.  They themselves can not control their fellow staff.

If a person is aggrieved by the lower courts, he has to approach the higher courts and finally the Supreme Court that is the topmost legal authority in a country.

Similarly, if you are aggrieved by maya, you have to surrender to the master of maya, who is Krishna.  Maya is like a powerful employee of Krishna, who has been entrusted with the management of material worlds. Mayadevi is the external potency of Krishna and she maintains the affairs of material world.  Her motive is to maintain the population of material planets by indulging them more in material affairs. So, she makes suitable arrangements cleverly.  So, we get pains and pleasures alternatively.

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When we get some temporary pleasures, we feel that this world is nice.  But, when maya makes us suffer, we like to escape from this world of pains.  Again some pleasures.  So, we develop a taste to live here.

Thus, we are cleverly indulged in material affairs by maya.

So, if you pray to maya, you will get material benefits only that will involve you still strongly into this trap of material life. If your goal is to get more material benefits you can worship maya, but, if your target is to get relieved from material worlds, you should worship Krishna.

That is why, it is recommended to surrender to the master of maya, Krishna who will relieve you from maya and take you with Himself in His eternal blissful planet Goloka Vrindavana.

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So, surrender to Krishna if your goal is to escape from the material world controlled by maya.  If you need only temporary pleasures and pains with rebirth, worship mayadevi, ie, Durga devi.

And, Mayadevi is not closer to us than Krishna as she is our immediate controller, because Krishna is within our heart itself. So, Krishna is closer than mayadevi to us.

However, you can worship mayadevi, ie, Durga devi with a nice prayer:  “Durga ma, Kindly help me to get your master Krishna in this birth itself.  Please do not involve me more in material affairs.  This is my only prayer to you.”

If you repeatedly pray like this to her, she will free you to follow devotion to Krishna without much disturbances.

Hope you are clear.

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