How to understand if even the enemies killed by Krishna are also liberated?

How to understand if even the enemies killed by Krishna are also liberated?

This is the doubt for many who read the ithikas and puranas.

Actually, they may think that the kings or demons who opposes Krishna and are killed by Him should be sent to serious hells for having opposed the Lord Himself.

But they are liberated.


This post is aimed to clear that doubt.


I too found this peculiar initially in my teen age. I too have asked the same question to the senior devotees during my earlier days in ISKCON Sathsangha.

Actually, those who are killed by the Lord had done many good deeds and penances in their previous births that made them eligible for meeting the Lord directly. But, they opposed the Lord misusing their free will and got liberation in this birth after getting killed by the Lord Himself.

Seeing Krishna face to face is not an easy thing.  And, for the kshatriyas and demons, fighting the wars is their kula dharma. Because of the good deeds and pious deeds in their previous births, they are given opportunity to face the Lord directly.

However, as they maintained enmighty with Lord, they were killed and liberated. Otherwise, they would have been naturally taken to Krishna’s kingdom. If they had remained as Lord’s friend, Lord would have liberated them through the normal process peacefully.  They misused their free will in this birth to fight with the Lord instead of being His servant or friend or devotee.

However, Liberation means getting relieved from material world.  That’s all.  After that?  There comes the difference between devotees and enemies of Lord.   What is it?

Lord liberates the enemies for their good deeds of previous births and settle them in Brahma Jothi with no identities.  That’s all.

Whereas, Lord liberates His devotees and ALSO TAKE THEM TO HIS KINGDOM AND KEEP THEM WITH HIM.  He does not give His direct association in Goloka for enemies.

This is the difference between the statuses of devotees and enemies of Lord.  For example,  Vali and Ravan had done penances in their previous births and hence were killed by Lord and were liberated.  Usually those enemies realize their mistakes at the time of death if you read the puranas sincerely.

Srila Prabhupada has said in his ISOPANISHAD lectures that Lord comes as DEATH to His enemies.  But, He comes as a sweet Lord for His devotees!

So, for Duryodhana, Kamsa, Ravan, Vali, etc, Lord came as death and gave them liberation.

He keeps His devotees with Him in His kingdom.

This is possible only for the devotees.

Author: RAJAN

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