Why should Krishna make Demon Bali as Indra of next Manvanthara?

Why should Krishna make Demon Bali as Indra of next Manvanthara?

Adhityan asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Prabhu, hope you are doing well,,, Iam reading all your articles daily 5 of them , I have some doubts prabhu.

Why always mostly Asuras demons are doing great risky dangerous Penances to please Brahma or Shiva?? Why not demigods doing this?
How to take understand this?? As demigods are Krishna devotees, so they no need to do those Penances, as they can get easily what they want???

But Prabhu, just see devotee Bali Maharaja very easily got post of Indra by mercy of Krishna, without doing such Penances,

Please clear my doubt prabhu, if you have time, you can post this site also prabhu, for other devotees to learn… “


Your question has a BIG mistake.

You say that Bali did not do any penance.

But, Bali did penance – toughest penance.

Your first question: Why demons do more penances, not the devas.

Devas have done such penances in their previous births and hence have become devas.


Since they have achieved their goal and are enjoying all the comforts in heavenly planets, they may not get the spirit to do tough penances.

Devas have been blessed with all the comforts and enjoyments.

They had already got the mercy of Krishna. That is why, they got the birth as devas in heavens.

But, the demons have the desire of controlling the entire world. They are always thinking of getting more powers to them.

So, they perform penances to Lord Shiva, Brahma deva, etc., to get more powers.

Usually, they do not pray to Vishnu as it is very difficult to get the boons from Vishu for destructive purposes.

Vishnu may bless those who offer their devotion selflessly.

But, He usually do not respond to the penances with destructive motives.

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Whereas Lord Siva and Brahma deva offer their boons to those who perform tough penance with any motive. The demon who gets the penance from Lord siva and Brahma deva have to face the consequences.

In many cases, the demons who got boons from the Lord Shiva and Brahma deva use those boons to threaten the demigods themselves.

The penances followed by the demons are thamo and rajo guna dominated penances.

That is why, they approach Lord Siva and Brahma deva.

Whereas, Vishnu will be pleased with satva guna dominated penances only that are with the good motive and to help the society.

We, the Krishna devotees never pray with the destructive purposes. Krishna never fails to respond the devotees who worship Him selflessly expecting His mercy only or a selfless – common cause.

Next, King Bali and why Krishna should make Demon Bali as Indra of next Manvanthara.

Even now in this present manvanthra, King Bali is existing as the king of an underworld (Patal loka) called “Suital”.

Though he is a demon, he has many good qualities such as doing many dhaans and adding Punya; Good speech; Blessings of his Guru and Brahmanas.

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So, King Bali is a demon with some good qualities also.

King Bali is the son of King Virochana & Kamalaxi; the grand son of Bhakta Prahalada and the great grand son of King Hiranyakashyapu & Kayadhu.

King Hiranyakashyapu, though a demon, did penance for 36,000 years and got great powers, but was finally killed by the Lord Narasimha deva.

King Virochana did penance for 10,000 years and got a golden crown that will protect him from death until he is wearing them.

However, Indra killed King Virochana by tricks.

King Bali wanted to take revange from Indradev for killing his father.

So, King Bali attacked the Heaven and defeated Indra.

But, other five devas Agni, Vayu, Varuna, Surya and Chandra) together killed the King Bali.

However, the guru of demons, Shukracharya gave life to King Bali again.

Then, Shukracharya suggested King Bali to do 100 Ashwamedha Yagna.

King Bali did 99 Ashwamedh Yagna.

But, in the last Ashwamedh Yagna, Vishnu incarnated as Vamana deva (son of Maharshi Kashyap & Aditi) and broken the Yagna of king Bali.

However, King Bali got the fruits of 99 Ashwamedh Yagna by becoming immortal.

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Pleased with his qualities, the Lord Vamana deva has blessed him that he will take position of Indra (King of Heaven) in next Manavantra (8th Manavantara).

At present, he is ruling his Pathal loka called SUITAL.

So, King Bali too performed toughest penances.

In our earth life, we can see some good people having some bad qualities also and some bad people may have some good qualities also.

Similarly, King Bali is a demon with some celestial qualities also.

Rarely, a son of a demon may happen to be a pure devotee of the Lord.

Example Prahalada.  Though he was the son of demon Hiranyakasipu, he remained a highly elevated pure devotee whose call brought the Lord Himself as Narasimha.

Hope you are clear now about why Krishna should make Demon Bali as Indra of next Manvanthara.

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