When Krishna does not chant, why does He expect the devotees to chant?

When Krishna does not chant, why does He expect the devotees to chant?

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Please Prabuji….show path to my thinking.  Shree Krishna being the supreme Krishna does not chant or does any sadhana…bt he is God. Is it necessary for us to chant. Why shouldn’t we think like Krishna that we r the supreme? Why shouldn’t we be such a egoless to forget the difference between us and the Supreme? Jst same as Shree Krishna did. Can’t we achieve the paragon which we already hv in us by this manner”


Dangerous thought.  In fact, this is the outcome of our ego of thinking “Why Krishna alone? Why can’t we?”

This exactly is the reason why we came out  of Goloka and fell into this material world again. When we were in Goloka, Krishna had given “freedom of choice” for us there also.  He never likes to send us out of Goloka.  All of us thought like you think now.  So, we came here.

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We developed the desire to enjoy like Krishna.  We wanted to be a king/ leader like Krishna.  So, Krishna gave us an opportunity to try to be a leader or enjoyer by allowing us to come to this material world.

Now, we are reviewing why we behaved so while being in Krishna’s Kingdom Goloka and came to this material world because, we have realized that behind every achievement/ pleasure, there will be pains in this material world and we can never fulfill all our desires till we die.

Now, you have not changed even after falling down into this material world and you are still comparing yourself with Krishna.  So, you need to get more experience to understand the nature of this material life. Then, you will treat yourself as the servant of Krishna.

Krishna is 100% pure and renounced person.  We are contaminated with the material attachments and we have many desires also.

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Krishna is the Adhi Purusha. Therefore, He has no need of a father and a mother to take birth. In fact, He has no birth and death.  He is always existing.  But, we?  We can not remain here beyond the maximum of 100 years.

Even if Krishna comes to the earth, He shows as if He is taking birth through a mother and father as a respect to the system of this world.  Here too, there is a difference.  We can not choose who should be our next parents and we take birth in a particular body based on our past karma. We may even take a dog’s body if we now behave like a dog.  Whereas, Krishna does not take birth because of karma. He  mercifully comes here to save His devotees by choosing His parents, time and place of birth.

And, Krishna NEED NOT FOLLOW any sadhanas like chanting, to become Krishna.  He HIMSELF is the topmost authority.  Then, why should He chant to become someone?

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Will a company chairman write the competitive exam to get appointed as a Clerk?

Your question is also like that.

Krishna is always existing as Krishna.  We are the tiny parts of Krishna. So, we have all the qualities/characters possessed by Krishna, but, in very small quantities.  Krishna can lift even the Govardhan hill, but, we can not even lift beyond 70-80 Kgs.

If you stop chanting, you will lose the opportunity to become a servant of Lord in His kingdom having eternal life there.  You can never become another Krishna because, there can be only one sun in a solar system.  There can be Only One chairman in any company.  And, an employee should know his position and also the position of the creator of the company.  He should never develop jealousy towards the creator of the company.

And, you can just attain mukti (salvation) if you desert attachments and remain without chanting. No more positions can be achieved.

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If you chant sincerely and also desert material attachments, you will get the opportunity to enter into the kingdom of the Lord and serve Him there directly.  If you think why Krishna does not chant as you have written in your question even after going to Goloka, you will be sent back to these material worlds to try to fulfill your desires, but, even after coming here, you will desire to go back to Goloka again.

So, it is final:  You can not become Krishna, but, if you become a devotee and servant of Krishna, then, Krishna will treat you more than Himself.  Krishna treats His devotees more than anything else.

So, first become a humble devotee and servant of Lord. Go and serve Krishna in His kingdom.  That’s all you can do and this is the topmost achievement a person can achieve.

Stop thinking why Krishna does not chant, but He expects the devotees to chant.

All the best.

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Author: RAJAN

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