Krishna can’t be pleased easily, but demigods are pleased easily. Is it true?

Krishna can’t be pleased easily, but demigods are pleased easily. Is it true?

Adhityan Narasimha asked like this:

“Prabhu, today I read a topic in Srimad Bhagavadam that demigods devas gets pleased easily by seeing their devotees worshiping them regularly and give Boons to their devotees immediately soon..

On the other hand these demigods devas will get easily tensed anger also , if their devotees do something wrong and Curses them immediately

But Krishna and his avatars never award Boons easily or Curses immediately to own devotees, even these devotees worship Krishna regularly or do something wrong

How to see this differences between Krishna and demigods, prabhu ??

Please explain prabhu  Hare Krishna”


It is wrong to say that Krishna can’t be pleased easily.  Krishna can be pleased easily if you truly surrender to Him. And, Krishna gives only the boons that will stay permanently with you.

The demigods are under the influence of Gunas.

Though Vishnu is the controller of satva guna, he is not affected by any gunas.

Lord Siva and Brahma deva are under the influence of thamo and rajo gunas.

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If a devotee cries, Some demigods may get melted and offer what we prayed.  But, they may not bother about what effects their boon will make in the life of that devotee.

Sometimes, the boon given by some demigods make our life more complicated.

For example, One may cry for child. The demigods too may give a child.  But, they won’t bother how the devotee is going to suffer because of that child.

But, Krishna is not affected by any gunas.

He is beyond all these three gunas.

That is why Krishna is the topmost sanyasi, ie, fully renounced person.

So, Krishna will give the child for His sincere devotee only if his karma permits. If the devotee’s karma has blocked a child for him in this birth, Krishna usually do not violate the devotee’s karma though they pray.

Only if that devotee will not face any difficulty or defamation because of a child, Krishna will give a child.

That is why, since my age 24, I stopped asking anything from Krishna and I just pray to Him to offer only what is favourable for my service to Him.

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That is why, Krishna did not give me any high material status that is temporary. Instead, He gave abundant spiritual taste and all the facilities to come up in devotional service.

When one is renounced, he does not get affected by any gunas and their outcomes such as miseries, happiness, success, failures, etc.

That is why, Krishna evaluates everything and then give any boon.

However, Krishna is always ready to elevate His devotees in devotion.

Whatever you pray, Krishna gives a boon only if it will help you to come up in devotion.

If any of your prayer may pull you down from your devotional standing, Krishna will not fulfil your prayers.

Or, He will fulfil that prayer after making the things suitable for your elevation in devotion.


For example, if a devotee is having monetary troubles and hence he is unable to focus in devotion, Krishna evaluates whetehr he will backtrack in devotion after getting money.  If He is convinced that that devotee will not compromise his devotion though his monetary issues are solved, Krishna then gives money to Him. Thus, Krishna makes him to follow devotion without financial difficulty.

In some other cases, if a person is a nice devotee but his money and business is blocking him from advancing in devotion, Krishna takes his money back and brings that devotee close to Him and make him a successful devotee.

This shows that Krishna truly cares His devotees.

Krishna made me a sincere devotee by making my business down and finance zero and then He made me a full time devotee. Now, He is keeping me popular in His service itself and making my way for living.

I never prayed Krishna to give me a family.  I never lamented for that. But, even without asking Krishna has given a spiritual family with 1000s of members with me.

Krishna does not give anything easily. He first makes us eligible and prepared to receive His boon.

Then, He fulfills our prayers.

And, Krishna may delay His boon, but if He decides to give, He gives a Very Big Boon more than we asked.

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And, Krishna never punishes you though you stop devotional practices or stop offering food or stop worshiping.

He just allows you to live according to your karma.

Krishna gives you good and comfortable next birth, and allows you to restart the devotion from the level where you stopped in the previous birth.

Since the demigods are influenced by gunas, they even get angry if the devotees did not act as assured and expected.

Even some vedic manthras targeted at the demigods give negative results against us if we utter them wrongly.  Whereas, Krishna does not give negative results even if we chant Hare Krishna Maha Manthra with some innocent mistakes. He gradually makes us to chant properly instead of punishing us.

Thus, since Krishna is beyond the Gunas, He is always STEADY, BLISSFUL AND MERCIFUL.  He is always ready to elevate His devotees in His devotion if they are interested in it.

Hope you are now clear that it is wrong to say that Krishna can’t be pleased easily, but demigods are pleased easily.

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Author: RAJAN

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