How to know that our karma is coming down and we are purified?

How to know that our karma is coming down and we are purified?

A male devotee asked like this:

Hare Krishna Sir/Madam, I want to ask how can one know how much one has been cleaned by Lord Krishna by karma action. How can one know how much one would suffer in future or in the present. Why don’t we see our cleansing by karma action. How can we see the level or quantity of cleansing of our karma action by Lord Krishna. Hare Krishna.


Karma is a MATERIAL  ARRANGEMENT.  First you should know this.  Why?

A person is under the clutches of Karma, ONLY UNTIL he is living to satisfy himself and his surroundings.  When he starts to work for Lord, his activities become spiritual activities and hence he does not add karma.

For example, if I post about cinema, love, etc and make the people addicted to cinema, love, etc,  then, I am adding karma.  Because, I am helping to bind 1000s of people strongly into the net of maya.

At the same time, if I post about Krishna, His lilas, His preachings to become pure devotees of Lord, I will NEVER add karma, but, I will get the mercy of Lord.

At the same time, if I charge for my preachings and spend that money for serving Krishna, then, again I will NEVER add karma, because the money is spent for Krishna.

Thus, karma works only when we work for us.

So, when you have plenty of karmic reactions, you will get disappointments, failures, cheatings, etc, because, it means that you have done such actions in your past life and you are given the reactions.


So, if you get problems UNNECESSARILY and even when you are just sitting idle, it means, you are still having karmic reactions to face.


You feel so tired and you are silently sleeping on a road side platform when you had gone to out station.  A two wheeler rider runs his two wheeler on your legs and hence the doctors cut the legs.  In this episode, you did not do any harm for that two wheeler rider.  You are just sleeping silently.  But, you lose your legs.

This is karma.  karmic reactions will be PUSHED into your life though you wish it or not.  It is an automatic chain process.

By the above process, we can know that we still have the storage of pending  karmic reactions to be cleared.  But, you have also asked HOW MUCH OF KARMA we still have.

This is also easy.  You yourself can find it out.

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I have said above that KARMA IS A MATERIAL PHENOMENON.  Ok?

So, More Karma Storage – More Material attachments.

Less Karma Storage – Less Material Attachments.

In other words,

More Karma –  Less interest in Spiritual affairs.

Less Karma – More interest and Faster growth in Spiritual affairs.

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So, if the material disturbances for your spiritual activities are LESS and you are growing VERY FAST in devotion without much material barriers,  that means, YOU ARE HAVING LESS STORAGE OF KARMA.

But, if the material disturbances for your spiritual activities are VERY HIGH and you are growing VERY VERY SLOWLY in devotion with too much of material barriers,  that means, YOU ARE HAVING MORE STORAGE OF KARMA.

This karma can be cleared first and then faster spiritual growth can be achieved.  But, this will take a long time.

So, you can involve in devotion seriously and when Lord is pleased with your devotion, He will help you to clear your karma fast and then improve in His devotion fast.

So, you have to pray to Krishna to improve you in His devotion by fastening the karma clearing process.

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3 thoughts on “How to know that our karma is coming down and we are purified?”

  1. hearing the bhagavata purana, that is lilas of bhagavan, cured the affects of karma fastly and effectively -selvatthil selvam chevi selvam. practise to hearing is the one of the best way.if anything wrong forgive me.srimate ramanujaya namah

  2. Prabhuji, why does one suffer 18 years of rahu dosh ? Why is it written in the horoscope ? Can one avoid the negative impact of it on himself and family? Is the person destined to get a negative life? And negative karma due to that?
    Is black magic, spirit possession, negativities, curses a part of rahu dosh?

    How can one be relieved of it in this life?

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