A saint was going to many places along with his disciple for preaching.

When they were going through a village, they stayed in the house of a rich man on his invitation.

That rich man was a big thief in that surroundings. The saint and disciple did not know that.

They were discussing various topics on god and spirituality.

The rich man (thief) requested them to have food in his home.

The saint agreed since it is the regular custom among sanyasis to have food in the house of grahasthas (householders).

They were offered variety of food items. The saint and the disciple ate to their full stomach.

Then, the time came to leave.

When the rich man had gone inside the kitchen, the saint silently and secretly took the small metal pot that belonged to the rich man and put it safely inside his bag in the shoulder.


The disciple watched the actions of his guru and wondered how he could steal the vessel belonged to that rich man.

They thanked and blessed the rich man and continued their journey.

On the way, they felt tired and wanted to take rest under a tree.

The food that they had eaten had been digested.

Now, the guru called the disciple and told:

“Dear student, I had stolen this metal pot from the house of the rich man.  Now, I feel guilty. I have committed a sin by stealing the property of another person.  Please, go back to the house of that rich man and give this pot back to him.”

The disciple asked his guru:

“Master!  You are such a pure soul. You never desire for the things of others and you yourself is a simple person. How did you steal that pot from that rich man’s house?”

The saint replied:

“Yes, you are right  I never desire for the things of others.  But, since I had taken food from the house of a thief, his consciousness attacked my consciousness through the waves mixed in that food.  After taking the food offered by him, I had the temptation to steal the metal pot.  Now, that food has been digested and I was chanting the names of Lord.  Therefore, my consciousness got purified again and now I realize my sinful act.  Hence I ask you to return this pot back to him”


The disciple came to the house of that rich man.  Giving back the pot, he said:

“Sir, my guru had mistakingly taken this pot inside his bag as if taking his own belongings.  Therefore, he requested me to hand over this back to you”

That rich man told:

“No boy, let this pot be with that guru himself. I ate the remnants of food left by your guru after eating.  After eating the remnants touched by your guru, all my offensive thoughts changed and I felt miraculous changes in my consciousness. After I ate the remnants of food left by your guru, I realized the negative effects of my sinful profession and decided to stop stealing the property of others from today.  This is the power of purity of a saint.  Therefore, let this metal pot be with your guru.  If he wants, let him take all my properties because, from today, I am going to work and earn.  Go and thank your guru for changing me.”

The disciple wondered seeing the happenings.

After eating the food offered by the thief, his guru behaved like a thief. After eating the remnants of the food left by that pure guru, this thief became pure.

He learnt a lesson that food eaten from outside affects one’s consciousness.


That is why, the devotees are advised not to eat food from outside except from the house of devotees. Because, when we accept only the prasadam, ie, the food offered to the Lord, it becomes pure from all the contaminations.

If you do not offer food to the Lord so far, start atleast from today.


Author: RAJAN

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