Is Krishna resting and enjoying after entrusting the works to the Trimurtis?

Is Krishna resting and enjoying after entrusting the works to the Trimurtis?

A male devotee (name hidden) asked like this:

“Generally our Belief is Krishna was avatar of Bishnu and other like Ram, parsuram etc etc ..   But recently I heard that krishna is owner of everything and enjoyer of everything, Bishnu was Selected By Krishna for operate this creature so that Krishna Can Enjoy the whole thing?? Its my humble request please clarify this to me!!”


Some people think: “Is Krishna resting and enjoying after allowing His forms to work and maintain the whole creations?”

Consider a big company that is producing washing powder.  It will have a Chairman, GM, AGM, MANAGERS, Asst managers, clerical staff, labour force, marketing people, etc.

The Chairman owns the formula, the company and products. He takes all the risks related to the company and he is answerable for everything. So, being the chairman is a responsible position. Not a lazy position.

The product managers decide the formula of the washing powder.

The chairman and the board okays that formula considering the features of their competitors.  This board decision is conveyed to the next level managers; then, asst managers;  then shift supervisors;  they inform this to the labourers.

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The labour work force is producing the washing powders perfectly as per the formula decided by the board chaired by chairman.

Marketing people distribute that powder to the distributors who in turn distribute to the retailers near your house.

Thus, the management is running.

Is the chairman involving in production directly?

Is he speaking to every labour?

No. In fact, the labours are working hard.

The chairman is happily touring all over the world and attending meetings.

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Does this mean, the chairman is lazy and irresponsible?  He has appointed G.Ms, Managers in production, quality, shift, marketing, etc.  These managers appoint lower level staff and labours and distributers.  So, the management is going on stage by stage.

If the chairman comes directly and start to work, it will lelad to discomforts among the work force.  They will feel fear and thrill and hence the work will come to halt.

So, a chairman need not come directly to the production dept and work with the labours. So, he acts just as a guide and the person who takes full responsibility to all the affairs of the company.  He has appointed the people to do this.  So, the management is going on smoothly.

Same happens in the case of Krishna’s management.  Krishna is the chairman, ie, owner in this management.

Krishna has appointed His next level authorities, ie, G.Ms like Brahma, Vishnu and Siva for taking care of creating, maintaining and annhilating the creations.


These Brahma, Vishnu and Siva co-ordinate with crores of celestials/ devtas who act like employees, and thus is maintaining this world.

One of the example for this management is the role of Yama.  Yama ends the lives of jeevans in a body after their destined time is over.  So, he is taking care of his role of maintaining the population of this planet by maintaining birth-death balance.  The assistants of yama are assisting him in this task.

When the devtas and devotees are perfectly maintaining the creations, why Krishna should directly involve in it?

Stll krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that He is working because if He stops working, all the people in the world will stop working.  So, Krishna is doing His role as chairman very perfectly supervising the activities of his managers and work force, though He need not do any works.  He is working for the benefit of mankind.


Lord has said in Bhagavad Gita that even the benefits given by demigods and devtas are given to devotees only after it is approved by Him.

So, Krishna is working and is also satisfying His devotees by performing lilas in His Goloka Vrindavan.  He enjoys and also works.

All are the parts and parcels of that company. Similarly, all the servants of Krishna are the parts and parcels of Krishna. Only Krishna is expanding  as individuals to manage everything.

Krishna is the only enjoyer, ie, Purusha in the entire creations and all others are enjoyed, ie, females though they are in male bodies.  So, this entire material prakruti (material nature) and its members are females.

Now, tell me: Is Krishna resting and enjoying?.  If He does not enjoy, this material creations can not exist and you and me can not exist.

Remember! Only because we though like this in Krishna’s kingdom, we were sent back to this earth to become more pure.

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Author: RAJAN

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