Colours of clothes to wear in temples as followed in India!

Colours of clothes to wear in temples as followed in India!

Kavita asked like this:

“Hare Krsna!! I have a query regarding wearing garments in temple. In Nector of Devotion, offenses to be avoided , its written, one should not wear Red or Blue garments in temple. Can you kindly answer me, why so? Is there any reason of not wearing these colors in temple. If you could kindly let me know, i would be really greatful to you. In india , red color is almost there(even in little portion) in every clothing for female. Should we not wear even those garments also having little portion of blue or red colors? Even red is considered auspicious color to wear in Shiv or Parvati temple for married girls. Or Is it like, in krishna’s temple, these colors are forbidden? Thanks. Hare Krishna!!”


As you said, there is no restriction like one should not wear red and blue coloured clothes in temples.

However, let us now analyze the recommended colours of clothes to wear in temples.

Not only saffron, but  even Black colour clothes are also actually the symbol of detachment. So, the people wear black as a mark of condolence and objection/opposition because they should not have materialistic thoughts during the death in the family. When we wear black, we may focus in the rituals with detached mind.  You could have seen the people wearing black coloured clothes in the house where death related rituals are done.  SO, black need not be avoided.

(Its spiritual benefits and the science behind black has been explained in THIS POST)

And, very attractive and appealing clothes can be avoided in temples. just ensure that your dress do not induce the senses of others!  Wear a simple cloth atleast while going to temples and sathsangha. It is very good to be simple all the time.

However, Let me give you a few tips regarding colours and their importance in spiritual practices and the scientific reasons behind such customs:


Every colour makes some changes in the psychology of the viewers. And, every colour has some characteristics.


White is the colour of Venus. Venus enhances status, love and lust.  So, if one wears white colour clothes, he will be liked by many people.


Green is the colour of Mercury Planet. Mercury enhances one’s intelligence. So, if one likes to be a wise and intelligent person, he should wear clothes dominated with green colour.


Yellow and saffron colour is that of Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet that gives spiritual advancement and guru.  So, if one likes to advance in devotion, he should wear yellow or saffron coloured clothes.



Red is the colour of Mars. Even recently, the NASA scientists have found the Mars to be a Red Planet. Our rishis knew this thousands of years ago through God Himself by performing tough penances. Mars gives more Rajo guna that enhances our lust. So, wearing red coloured clothes gives more Rajo guna.


Blue and Black are the colours of Saturn. Saturn gives detachments and teachings. So, wearing blue and black coloured clothes invites the blessings of Saturn.  However, since the people are not interested in detachment and getting lessons thru karmic reactions, they fear for Saturn and avoid black and blue colour.  But, in my case, and in my horoscope, only Saturn gave some materially detached mindset.  So, Black gives detachment.

Now, you must be clear.

In Rajo and thamo Guna devotion for some demigods, the devotees wear red and black coloured clothes. Red is worn mostly in kali/ shakthi worships.  Black is also worn for village gods or some demigods.

Krishna/ Vishnu devotees are expected to cultivate Satva Guna. So, they prefer white and Safron/ yellow colour clothes. Because Jupiter gives devotion and guru.

(Why satva guna is important in devotion?  READ HERE!)

We can add Saturn also because Saturn is the BEST TEACHER. He does not give problems for making your life tough. Instead, He gives problems to reform you by correcting your mistakes.

So, Saturn can give renounced / detached mindset that is helpful for devotion to Krishna.

Most importantly, Saturn is the representative of Yama. Saturn is the Step brother of Yama. How?  Yama was born to Surya deva and Sharanyu. Surya deva also married Chaaya and got Saturn (Shani) as his son. Thus Yama and Saturn are step brothers.

So, Saturn reduces our hellish terms and gives good status after death and send us to his brother Yama as a reformed soul.

(How to reduce the ill effects of SADE SATI PERIOD (Satturn’s 7.5 years)? READ HERE!)

Don’t tell that Krishna devotees will not go to yama.  This exemption is applicable only to those who die without material attachments and with Prema on Krishna.  Others have to go and meet yama.  However, Yama and Shani will be very respectful to Krishna devotees and they will not give serious hellish terms for them.

If you get purified completely in the next birth and embrace Krishna with prema, you need not meet Yama and you can straightaway go to Krishna’s kingdom.

Hope you are clear about the recommended colours of clothes to wear in temples.

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Author: RAJAN

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