Did Brahma marry his daughter Sarasvati? Why?

Did Brahma marry his daughter Sarasvati? Why?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hello Sir, Pranam to you; i have some query and very confused please help me out.. I read some scripture about Lord Brahma and there are different theories about him; Who was Lord Brahma’s wife?? Some say it is Devi Saraswati and some scripture says she was daughter of Ma Durga and some other scripture says she was created by Brahma if she was created by Brahma Dev than how can she be wife of his?? and it is also said that Brahma Dev was cursed by Devi Saraswati and that’s why  he isn’t worshipped??”


Yes.   It is in records that Sarasvati Ma was created by Brahma deva.

She is not the daughter got through Brahma deva marrying a girl and giving birth through her womb.  He CREATED Sarasvati Ma.

Still as per the theory, she must be considered as his daughter.

However, if you take the FIRST Creations, there must have been the creation of one girl and boy.  This means they both are sibilings.

To continue the births, they both (brother and sister) should interact and give birth to another child. Then, this male should interact with the new born daughter to continue the generation.

Thus, during the initial stage of creations, the first creation (sibilings) create many new generations.

Brahma’s act should also be seen in this context. Brahma can ncreate so many girls and marry.  They do not marry by reciting manthras like humans. He just had physical interactions with his chosen girl. Thus, they become parents of a new child.

Thus, the creations started with such violations only. It is inevittable when there are just a few first creations.

The rules were created only during the later period to regulate the human society.

Let us come to Brahma deva again.  we should remember that Brahma is also living in a material planet Brahma loka.

No Doubt, Brahma Deva is one among Trimurthis.  These Trimurtis represent three gunas.

In general, A Satva Guna person will be a balanced thinker.  A Thamo Guna person will have forgetfulness.  A Rajo Guna person will have sense related motivations.

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Among them, Brahma deva is the Rajo guna avatar and He is the creator of material creations as instructed by Krishna who is Nirguna.

Brahma Deva’s Rajo guna representation makes Him forget which is right and which is wrong.  That is why, when He saw His own creation Sarasvati, He forgot that she is His creation and hence daughter.  Therefore, He approached her with lust. Therefore it is said as if Brahma ‘married’ his daughter Sarasvati.

That is why, we should surrender to the the master of senses and Adhi Purusha if we need to control our senses.

Brahma deva came to this position because of His austerities.  This does not mean, He has crossed all gunas.  Even, we can become a brahma deva.  But, we will not become beyond gunas.  Unless, we surrender to Krishna, we can’t become Nirguna.

The interesting point here is, even Brahma got punishment for this lusty act.  He quit his body and purified Himself.

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Before finishing this, I have given below what Srila Prabhupada said about Why did Brahma marry his daughter Sarasvati in 19.12.1968 in Los Angeles:

“It is learned from Vedic literature that… Of course, they are showing us, Lord Siva, Lord Brahma. They were also sometimes attracted by sense objects. Just like Lord Brahma, his daughter Sarasvati… Sarasvati is considered to be the most perfect form of beauty, womanly beauty, Sarasvati. So Lord Brahma became enchanted by the beauty of his daughter just to show us the example that even personalities like Lord Brahma sometimes become enchanted. This maya is so strong. He forgot that “She’s my daughter.” Then to penance this, Brahma had to quit the body. These stories are there in the Srimad-Bhagavatam.”

Therefore, Brahma deva is also a living entity, and hence He too is subject to offences.  The Only difference is that He has got more extra powers than ordinary living beings like us.

And, there are many stories for Brahma not being worshiped.

Hope you are clear.


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