If the planets affect even Krishna’s devotees, are they more Powerful than Krishna?

If the planets affect even Krishna’s devotees, are they more Powerful than Krishna?

Two devotees had asked similar questions:

(1) A Girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Prabuji Hare Krishna. Please hide my name. My question is that as you said you are an astrologer and recently i had review of my Birth kundli from our pandit & he was saying that you need to wear 5 carract American diamond silver ring in middle finger of any hand and give water to peepel tree on any friday and he said That Shukra is weak that’s why as i was getting difficulty in my Carrer a lot..My question is if i am devotee of lord krishna than does this all will effect me or any devotee like venus, mercury weak n all..Do i believe in all this is that my past karma is getting difficulty to me.Kindly reply me thanks a lot.”

(2) Priya asked like this:

Hare Krishna prabhuji, I am really thankful for your post which helps me to know more about Krishna. I would like to ask one question that “is horoscope or fate is more powerful than lord krishna” one horoscoper said by seeing my horoscope that my parents will get bad name because of my behaviour . By hearing that I was very worried. I hope krishna will help me from this problem. Will you please explain that whether horoscope is more powerful than krishna.Thanks prabhuji, I think you are the best one who can explain this. Please disclose my name.


These devotees have given me another instance to give my views boldly! I have to be bold. Otherwise, I will be creating over expectation in the minds of devotees and they will not grow to the stage of pure devotees.

I will again tell thousand times:

Unless a devotee becomes a PURE devotee, he will still have some influence of the planets.

There is no need for even a trace of doubt.

The Planets are the servants of Krishna and they perfectly function to implement the reactions of every person’s karma. They do not act against Krishna, but, implement His orders.

Krishna too does not interfere in their giving the karmic reactions to the people until they become pure devotees without material attachments.


See, these things are not said by many senior devotees because they may hesitate to share the reality to the newly coming devotees.

Yes, true, Pure devotees receive full protection from Krishna.

Other devotees receive partial protection from Krishna. Though Krishna likes to take them completely, He finds that impossible at this moment because these devotees do not allow Him to embrace fully.

Unable to understand?

Let me further explain this:

Why Krishna gives complete protection from the planets for Pure devotees?

Because the Pure devotees do not have any desires for material things!   Only when one has some desires for any material benefits, the planets can act on him.  Because, the planets are meant to give material benefits.  Only when a particular planets reside in a particular houses, they help the devotees in advancing in devotion.  So, Pure devotees have no business with the planets.  They will be kept under control by Krishna.


For example, Srila Prabhupada chose to finish his lilas in this world and stopped eating and drinking.  This type of death is allowed for people. Only the Suicide is prohibited. But, they can die by not eating and drinking. It is a blessed death and is not possible for all. Only the pure devotees and self realized persons can stop eating and drinking and end their physical presence here.

Srila Prabhupada showed many symptoms of interacting with Krishna while finishing his lilas here.  They have been documented and the disciples could not understand what he was indicating with those symptoms.

Since he was a pure devotee, he left when he felt that he need not continue here further.   Considering his old age, Krishna Himself took Him because He does not like His pure devotees suffer with bad health again and again.  Krishna gave more than a decade of life for Srila Prabhupada miraculously even after three heart attacks. It is very rare to live after three heart attacks because the heart’s muscles would have been severely affected. However, to help Srila Prabhupada to fulfil the desires of his spiritual master, Krishna extended his life time for more than a decade. Once he lad laid the path for his organization, Krishna took him back.

Since Srila Prabhupada knew this call from Krishna, He came back to Vrindavan and stopped eating and drinking with the purpose of going to perform his nitya lila with Krishna in Goloka Vrindavana.

Thus, Pure devotees, who live only for Krishna, will be helped by Krishna completely to come out of the control of the planets. They are always under the direct care of Krishna.

Ok. Why Krishna partially helps other devotees?

Other devotees means, sathakas, ie, practitioners of bakthi.

That devotee may even be a manager of a temple. He may be a very senior devotee. he may have big crowd. he may be appreciated by many devotees!

These things do not matter in devotion.

Age or position do not indicate his Purity.

If a devotee has a desire of becoming a leader, having a new model car to travel with his wife and children, wearing variety of clothes, adding more and more properties, expecting the association of spouse every night, etc., etc., he is still under maya atleast partially.

He may practice devotion.  But, still has material desires.

So, Krishna is in a position to help in our material desires also.  In fact, we are forcing Krishna to help in our material needs also.

So, Krishna will have to give permission for the planets to extend some material benefits to that devotee.

So, the planets will still have to act on that devotee.

If he desired a child to be a next chairman of his company, Krishna has to allow a certain planets to provide a child.

When he gets a child, he has to face the consequences of having a child.


( Though ONE is following all Krishna Conscious rules, he has health and other problems.  Why this happens? READ HERE!  )

When we have some material desires, Krishna has to allow the planets to act on you.

Though Krishna is ready to take us fully under His protection, we only are delaying by having some or many material desires.

This is my final view on this matter.

So, do not be proud that you are out of control of the planets just because you are chanting some rounds and worshiping Krishna.

( Why Krishna gives more problems to His devotees, but helping many non devotees  Read HERE and HERE!  )

Remember, you still have material desires also.

Won’t Krishna help for other devotees?

Sure, He will help.  But, we approach Him for materials also.  So, He has to allow us in this material world for more period. When we desert those attachments, Krishna takes us fully under His control.

Krishna will just make your pains bearable for you. He wil not totally interfere in the duties of the planets.

If He interferes, that devotee must be a Pure devotee or atleast a very serious devotee.

Did you understand now?

Practice devotion and always desire to become a pure devotee.

And, rich Parihars are not enough for any problem.  Some astrologers unnecessarily recommend some costly Parihars. Until you have some material desires, you may do some simple Parihars.  THIS POST may help you to decide on this matter!

(How to become a pure devotee and attach with Krishna? READ HERE!)

Author: RAJAN

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