How to become a pure devotee and attach with Krishna?

How to become a pure devotee and attach with Krishna?

A girl devotee whose name I have hidden, asked like this:

Jai shri Krishna prabhuji..Prabhuji i need ur u always help devotees nd enourage them by your guiding i also need ur help.plz dnt mention my name but want to know after trying alot i could nt able to attach with krishna nd chanting..plz tell me procedure so that slowely slowely i attach to krishna..i become v careless nd attach to materialistic world..feeling v could nt help..plz plz help me..m requesting are the only one who cn change me..m ready to do nything nd follow plz guide me through that i ll nt go bck from krishna again..i wanna become pure krishna devotee


Some habits like smoking, drinking, etc can’t be quit slowly. It must be quit suddenly by taking strong decision. Just a desire to quit alone is not sufficient.

A secretly acting criminal from a good family can’t be corrected slowly.  He must be given strict jail term atleast once that will correct him because he is a good guy and was involving in secret acts because of ignorance.

Why these examples?

I just wanted to show that changes should be made through STRONG RESOLUTIONS AND DECISIONS ONLY, NOT JUST WITH CASUAL EFFORTS.

Thus, we can say “I love Krishna”, “Oh..I cant live without Krishna”, “Krishna is my life”, etc., etc.

But, if we are also attracted when we see a beautiful girl or charming boy, then what is our preference?

Krishna, or, Sense Gratification?

Anyone can love Krishna, no doubt.

But, if you like to be stable in your love with Krishna, you should see everyone and everything as Krishna or Krishna’s form. And, you will always be immersed in the thoughts of Krishna.

Only if you come to this stage, you can love Krishna forever without dilution.

This stage is called Prem Bhakti.  Or, Pure Bhakti.  For a pure devotee, everything is Krishna and His form only, nothing else.

Do you know who can come to that stage?


Otherwise, it is impossible.

You can’t love both Krishna as well as sense enjoyments simultaneously.  You can never ride on two boats at the same time.

Srila Prabhupada said:  “If your material attachment is coming down that is the symptom that you are improving in Krishna Consciousness”

You may ask:  “Do you say that I should never marry, get children, go to shops, purchase things, etc?”

No.  Marry for Krishna because you can serve Krishna together with husband/wife;  Get children and give a new devotee servant to Lord; Go to shops to purchase things to perform service to the Lord or to cook food for lord and then honour it. Do not cook for you.

Work and earn and spend a part for lord’s service. Always chant the Names of Lord. Think of Krishna even while you are working. Read about Krishna as much as possible.

Thus, you can relate all your activities with Krishna.  By doing this, you can always remember Krishna and grow in His devotion.

Do all your duties to your material (bodily) relations just as a duty, not with attachment.  Always remember that these relations are temporary.

This will help you definitely in improving your love and devotion with Krishna.

But, it will take months or years to come to the stage of seeing Krishna in everything and everywhere.

Sustained efforts will become successful.

Take steps for that.

Author: RAJAN

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