I am disturbed to see girl and boy devotees loving inside the temples. What to do?

I am disturbed to see girl and boy devotees loving inside the temples. What to do?

A girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Prabhuji I have one question. I have heard many people says that association is important with a devotees because it helps one to grow. But, wherever I go any temple I see mostly young boy and girls are attracted to each other and once they start coming there devotion is adversely affected. Moreover, one of my frnd he lives in ………………….. a great lover of Radharani. I thought I will learn something from him but he never talks about Krishna rather he usually talks about weird things that make me feel though he lives there physically but mentally he lives somewhere else in those places which are filled in lust. In this case should I stop talking to them? What should I do? Should I focus on my chanting only and stop talking to such persons? Am confused.”


Temples will also reflect the outer world because they are attended by the people from outside only.

Out of all the places in a city, the hospital will be the most disturbing place to see.


Because a hospital is attended by the patients who are suffering with many diseases.

Temples are also like the hospitals.

Here, mentally and physically distressed people come and try to get relief.

The visitors to the temples are not yogis or sadhus.

Only the ordinary people with weaknesses come to the temples.

Only some selected people among them will be in the key roles of the temples.

If a visitor attends a temple regularly and shows interest in the service, he is given some services.

The new visitors may consider that servant to be an advanced devotee because he is in a devotee appearance.

These new comers will be thinking that the servants in a temple have crossed the material attachments.

It is not so.

They may be trying.  That’s all.

Detaching from the material attachments is not an easy thing.

Only if a devotee is practicing the devotional practices very sincerely and seriously willing to detach materially, he can succeed in conquering maya.

So, like park and beach, such love affairs are possible in the temples also. Wherever there is an assembly of boys and girls, such risk of developing love is possible.

Since they too are ordinary boys and girls with some goodness of coming to the temples, they too may love each other.

But, they will be only in minimum and all the devotees will not do like that.

In my observation, majority of boys and girls are decent. Of course, some deviations are also there.

I can’t refuse the possibility for that.

I have seen a few violations also between males and females inside the temples.

These things are unavoidable in a place where hundreds of people assemble.

The temple management can not watch each and every individual.  Because, they may not doubt if a boy and girl devotee are discussing.  Others may be thinking that they will be discussing about Krishna and devotional practices.

Camera can be installed in all the corners.  That’s all.

Only we have to protect ourselves. Let the world be like anything.

You have said about a male devotee who spoke lusty topics.

Why should you associate with a male devotee in this young age?

There will be equal number of female devotees also in every temple.

Why can’t you discuss with the senior woman devotees for your doubts? Or, why can’t you ask the questions to the speaker of Sunday Class publicly?

We only give opportunity for the males by going to them for doubts.  Are senior woman devotees inferior to male devotees? Why can’t you contact them?

If the girls do not give the opportunity, the males can not do anything.

Girl/ woman devotees should avoid discussing with the male devotees in private places and going to their homes privately.

They should interact with them only in the public forums.

Otherwise, we can not avoid such experiences.

Out of 10 males, one may be with the dirty mind. If a girl believes his outlook and interacts with him privately, he may start to misuse that opportunity.

So, women should spend most of their time with the women devotees and they can discuss only about Spiritual topics with the males, that too, publicly in front of all the devotees.

Treating the opponent like a Pramahamsa and praising him from sky to earth are the mistakes done by the girl devotees.

No one is paramahamsa in the temples.

All are ordinary men, but, they are showing interest in devotion.  They have not attained perfection in that.

They are practitioners only, not paramahamsas.

So, always be careful with the dirty minded people when you go outside your home, even to the temples.  In the temples, such dirty minded persons will be very less.  That’s all.  But, not totally ruled out.

Understand the reality.

All the best.

Author: RAJAN

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