Can a brother marry first if younger sister’s marriage is delayed by doshas?

Can a brother marry first if younger sister’s marriage is delayed by doshas?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

HK Prabhu, pamho, dandavthpranam, we have been looking for a bridegroom for my sister, we have approached many pujaris n performed rituals n instructions given by them like going to Shiva temple, hanumanji, did rituals at home as instructed by elders. But we didn’t get the right match yet n different pujaris had given different doshas like kuja dosha n Naga dosha for same person (i.e., my sister) according to panchang they are saying, he is telling not to disclose other pujaris panchang n asking us to visit kuke Subramanyam temple. What to follow n whom to trust prabhu. One more thing prabhu, as a elder brother is it right to get marry before my sister because I have already crossed 30 yrs. We have 6 years of age gap . Is it ok if I resign my current job n concentrate on other job n devotional practices seriously, if financially well settled? Prabhuji I’m in need of perfect clarity aheading my life further. Please suggest horoscope all doshas n their remedies. All glories to Sri Guru n Gauranga n all Vaishnavas. AGTSP!!


If the girl that you marry is cooperative and supports for the marriage of your sister, you can marry now itself.

You have to discuss this in detail even before marriage with the bride you seek. You should get her assurance for the full cooperation of arranging the marriage of your sister.

In my family, my eldest brother crossed 31 and hence he married first and then arranged the marriage of all our 4 sisters.

So, it is not wrong to marry before your sister. But, the assurance from the bride is important.

In general, a male should discuss all his pending responsibilities in the family with the bride before marriage. This will avoid misunderstandings in future, because the girl too will know her responsibilities. If she is not ready to share such responsibilities with you, she can have a choice to refuse marrying you.

As far as the doshas are concerned, they are to delay the marriage. If you perform the marriage of your sister after her age of 27, the doshas will not have much effect.

I have written detailed posts on the doshas related to marriage in our site. Rahu-Ketu dosha can be read here. Kuja (Mars) dosha can be read here.  Pitru Dosha can be read here. Full details about the parihars have been explained here.

Since many devotees are requesting for horoscope predictions in spite of my tight schedule, I have decided to reply any three questions on doshas or warnings in the horoscope for a small payment. The details can be seen in our store and payments page HERE. You can give your date, time and place of birth and get the details about on which aspects you should be careful in your life.

As far as resigning your job is concerned, I will never support quitting the job for any reasons. I did that mistake for starting my own business and later felt for my having done so.

So, do anything while working in your present job. It is always safe. Though you are financially good now, time may change at any time in future. If you try for a job in future, you may not get a good one.

So, my consolidated advice for you is:

(1) Marry a girl from good family after discussing all your responsibilities.

(2) Check her horoscope and delay the marriage by another 2-3 years and then arrange for marriage.

(3) Never quit a job for any reasons. Apply leave and do the tasks. Then, rejoin the job.

Hope this helps.

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