Are Brahma, Vishnu and Siva also affected by anger and emotions?

Are Brahma, Vishnu and Siva also affected by anger and emotions?

A Girl devotee  asked:

“Ur explanation  (about creation of universe) is simplied, easier to understand.   Have one query for  u.  Lord Brahma manifested false ego and many other bad elements out of anger.. Does tat mean he is also effected by the three modes of nature??”


Brahma is the Topmost authority in the material world.  His living place Brahma Loka  is the topmost planet in this material world.  This means, Brahma is also in this material world. So, Brahma is also affected by anger, desires, etc like all of us.

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Brahma is the GUNA AVATAR of the Lord Krishna as said by Sri Caitanya Maha Prabhu:

lilavatarera kailun dig-darasana

gunavatarera ebe suna vivarana

Lord Caitanya says, “I have mentioned some of the lilavatara. Now, Sanatana, you just hear from Me about gunavatara.”

Krishna has three Guna Avatars:

(1) Vishnu – who is the controller of Satva guna;

(2) Brahma who is the control of modes of passion; and

(3) Siva who is the controller of mode of ignorance.

Thus, Brahma becomes the controller of mode of passion and hence he gets in touch with this material world.


This can be understood by the following example by Srila Prabhupada:

bhasvan yathasma-sakalesu nijesu tejah

sviyam kiyat prakatayaty api tadvad atra

brahma ya esa jagad-anda-vidhana-karta

govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami

Prabhupada explains this:

“Now, Brahma’s description is given here, that bhasvan yathasma-sakalesu nijesu tejah. Just like valuable stone… The example is very nice, valuable stone, just like diamond.  Diamond has got power to illuminate. And what is this diamond? The diamond is made by the interaction of sunshine. All these valuable stones, they are products of sunshine. So as the diamond has got power of shining power, it is derived from the sun, or diamond, the moon also, it derives power from the sun, similarly, Brahma, although he is very powerful, he is known as creator of this universe, but he is just like diamond. He inherits power from the Supreme Lord, so he becomes powerful.  Bhasvan yathasma-sakalesu nijesu tejah. That is simply a bit of power. Just like a diamond, diamond also illuminating, but it is not original luminous.  Original luminous is sun, and the illumination expanded by diamond is not so valuable as the sunshine. Similarly, Brahma, although we see him so powerful, he has little power derived from the Supreme Lord.”


So, Brahma is also a living entity as said by Srila Prabhupada, but, is in charge of the highest material position. He has been entrusted with creating the material creations.

That is why, Brahma also is affeted by anger, kama, desires like all of us.  He has been given more power by Krishna.  Thats all.  He is  doing his duties of creating material creations as a service to Krishna.

As he is the controller of rajo guna, he some times fails in deciding which is right or wrong.  So, brahma too can not remain steady some times.  That is why, He was attracted by the girl created by himself – Sarasvathi Devi who must be considered as his daughter.

These incidents happen because of indicating the nature of the persons dominated in Rajo Guna and Thamo Guna.

Satva Guna persons do not involve in such activities.

As far as Siva is concerned, He is the controller of Thamo guna. So, he too gets angry some times.

In the case of Vishnu, who is the satva guna avatar, He does not get angry if He is insulted. He gets angry only when His devotee is affected by someone.

So, do not follow the activities of Brahma dev as he is the representative for rajo guna. Try your best to become a satva guna person.

Hope you are clear now.

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