Lord Balarama is called “Douji” (the elder brother who protects and cares for the younger brother). After lifting Govardhana Hill Lord Krishna killed a succession of ferocious demons including Sankasura and Aristasura.

Balarama hadn’t killed a demon for a long time, and He was concerned about His duty of protecting Krishna as His elder brother.

Desiring to dress like Krishna, Lord Balarama asked Krishna if He could wear His peacock feather and play Krishna’s flute for just one day. Krishna who dearly loved His elder brother, agreed and personally gave His peacock feather and flute to Balarama. Krishna and Balarama warmly embraced and then Balarama laughing happily, ran away playing gaily on Krishna’s flute.

Meanwhile, in Mathura, the wicked King Kamsa was about to send the horse demon, Keshi, to Vrndavana in order to kill Krishna.


The Keshi demon asked King Kamsa, “How will I recognize Krishna?”

Kamsa told him that it would be easy to tell, because Krishna would be the only person wearing a peacock feather and playing a flute”.

While Balaramaji was fully enjoying His pastime of being Krishna for the day, the fierce horse demon, Keshi, stormed into Vrndavana.

Seeing Balarama wearing a peacock feather in his crown and playing a flute, matching the description King Kamsa had given of Krishna, the Keshi demon roared up and gave Balarama a mighty kick that could have killed a full grown elephant.

This kick totally knocked the wind out of Balarama, and sent Him tumbling out of the demon’s sight. Thinking that he had killed Krishna, the Keshi demon galloped away.

Balaramaji, picking Himself up, began to cry.

Balarama’s chest still hurt from the demon’s kick and He was short of breath. Balarama was hungry, very tired and sore all over from tumbling so far.

Reaching home, Balarama immediately went to Krishna an returned His flute  and peacock feather. Balarama told Krishna that he never again wanted to wear them, and that a huge horse demon had just violently kicked Him thinking He was Krishna.

Then Balaramaji met His mother Rohini and fell sleep in her arms. Krishna replaced the peacock feather in His crown, tucked the flute back in His belt and walked into the village.

Then Sri Krishna met the horrible horse demon and effortlessly killed him.

Srila Prabhupada writes, “Lord Balarama is the original Vishnu; therefore anyone remembering these pastimes of Lord Balarama in the morning and the evening will certainly become a great devotee of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and thus his life will become successful in all respects.”

(Excerpts from Appreciating Sri Vrdavana Dhama)


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