This is the balanced advice needed for today’s generation. This post explains the differences between a Balanced Devotee and Brainwashed devotee.

In today’s world, everything has been corporatized.

In older days, there were small shops here and there. We bought any of our needs from a nearby shop run by our well known people. So, Many became self employed. Now, there are shopping malls, chain stores and online stores run by corporates. It takes five to ten minutes even to buy a soap.

Once we purchased some beauty creams and talc and applied ourselves. Now, even the salons and Beauty parlours are run by the corporates.

Earlier, a man will be selling ice creams on streets and we had ice creams from him. Now a days, ice cream shops have been corporatized.

Similarly, even the spirituality is being corporatized now a days that are actively producing brainwashed devotees in large numbers.

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Vedic scriptures prohibit a sanyasi running a spiritual organization because they may have to involve in administrative acts that enhances rajo guna that will ruin our spiritual balance. They should live in a simple hut only that can be used as his mutt.  But, now a days, those in sanyasa dress buy even islands.

The people are ready to get cheated by believing others with their outlook only. They never realize that they are being brainwashed to make them slaves to the brainwashers. If they realize the motives behind their brainwashing preaching, they will stay careful and look for logic in everything they are taught.

Today’s people have a tendency.

If anyone says that thousands of people are visiting a shop that gives another salwar (dress) free if we purchase a salwar, they too rush to that shop without thinking.  They forget that nothing in this world is free and the clever sellers increase the cost and offer one free.

If anyone says that a swamiji is curing all our problems and diseases when we pay Ra.10,000 and wash his “Lotus” feet, then, hundreds of people rush to that swamiji and make his purse full. Out of 100 people, the problems will get solved automatically for 50 people as per their karma and they will believe that it was because of that great swamiji and spread his “glories” to others and bring more and more people too that “brilliant” swamiji”.


A few days ago, a senior devotee came to meet me. The topic came about Lord Siva.  He told me aggressively that the devotees of Lord Siva and the persons who are applying the ashes on their forehead are ignorant people. He also said that guru must be worshiped like we worship Krishna as Guru is Krishna himself.

I stopped him and told him not to speak aggressively like that in front of me. He asked me whether I am the follower of Lord Siva and how a Krishna devotee can support the worshipers of Siva.

I asked him:

“You say that Guru is Krishna Himself.  Which guru told like this? How can one be equal to Krishna? If a guru says that a guru is Krishna Himself and we must worship him like Krishna, he can not be a genuine guru.  A guru is a jeevatma.  He is a servant of Krishna and representative of Krishna. He is a guru because he, as a jeevatma,  gives us the knowledge spoken by Lord. As he gives us the knowledge given by Krishna as it is, we should show our utmost respects to that guru as we give to Krishna. No doubt in it. Krishna Himself says that we must surrender to a guru and humbly enquire to get the knowledge about Lord. So, a guru is passing the messages of the lord to others through generations.  So, we need to give him all honours like we give to Krishna. This is the limit.

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But, because of over enthusiasm created by other brainwashed devotees, some devotees make their gurus as gods. If a guru is Krishna Himself, how can some choice of his disciples can commit offences and fall down.  If a guru accepts 1000 disciples, there are some disciples who commit offences and fall.  How can the choice of god be wrong? Only because a guru is also a jeevathma, his choice some times goes wrong.  Lord Rama chose His associates like vanaras, Vibeeshana, Hanumanji, Sukriva, etc.  No choice of Rama committed offences against Him.  Krishna chose Pandavas, gopis, etc as His associates.  None of them committed offences.  So, the choice of the God can not be wrong.

But, some times, the choice of a guru goes wrong.  This means what?  A guru is a jeevathma.  So, some of his choices go wrong. However, as he gives us the messages of Krishna and clears our ignorance, we must give him honours similar to the honours we give to Lord.  This does not mean, guru is Lord himself.

When you accept your guru who is a jeevathma as equal to Krishna, why do you speak ill about Lord Siva who is not a Jeevathma, but the DIRECT EXPANSION of Krishna Himself? Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that He is Siva among rudras. But, you people disrespect Lord Siva, but consider a Jeevathma guru as equal to Krishna.  Is Lord Siva inferior to a guru who is a  jeevathma? You just make the Lord Siva as another vaishnava like all of us as if there is nothing special about Him. Thus, you make Siva like a Jeevathma and a localized person like humans. Why don’t you project Siva as God? Why do you get satisfied and happy by showing His status as just a vaishnava that makes others to forget Siva’s Godly status?  Do you know, in Ramayana, Lord Rama and Lord Siva compete among themselves in giving honours to each other?  Lord Siva took part in most of the avatars of Krishna.  In fact Siva directly comes to see the lilas of Lord Krishna and other avatars and He enjoys all the lilas of Krishna.

Thus, we feel proud to worship a guru, but, we never care to give honours to Lord Siva.  Our ultimate aim is to restrict ourselves to such narrow and aggressive views that we should honour only Krishna and Guru and neglect all  others as projected by every brainwashed devotee.

I feel that it is very partial and unjustified to say that we should worship Only Krishna and Guru and leave Siva like anyone else meaning that Siva is not more important than guru. This attitude is dangerous and should be changed.

Why we are advised to concentrate only on Krishna?  Because we can not concentrate in so many forms deeply at the same time.  So, choose Krishna and develop devotion to Him.  But, how can we speak against Lord Siva? If your wife is beautiful, it does this mean, the wives of all others are ugly?

Of course, Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  But, how Krishna will accept you if you speak against Lord Siva?

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If we have chosen Krishna as our worshipable deity because He is the Supreme Lord, we have to stop with that.  We have no right to speak against any other deities who are the forms of Krishna Himself.

When a jeevathma guru can be honoured like honouring Krishna, can’t you honour Lord Siva like you honour Krishna?

You people are committing offences against the direct expansion of Krishna, ie, Lord Siva Himself.  We should not equate anyone to Krishna as Krishna is the Paramathma and the Adhipurusha.  But, who gave us right to insult Siva, the direct expansion of Krishna?

You have been brainwashed by some aggressive devotees prabhu. Aggressiveness will cause unrest in the society.  So, be a devotee who loves everyone equally. Read the sixth chapter of Bhagavad Gita in which Krishna insists this equality. If you feel that my views are right, hereafter, stop with worshipping Krishna, and do not insult Lord Siva.  We can accept a guru, but, can not accept Siva, means, our sight is narrow.  Some devotees love their wife and children, but, develop hatred on Lord Siva.  What mindset is this? Has Krishna said anything, anywhere in Mahabharatha or Bhagavatham or Gita against Lord Siva?


Develop love to Krishna. This alone will elevate you. But, with a condition:  “WITHOUT INSULTING OTHERS.” Do not be a brainwashed devotee.

After hearing my views, that devotee asked pardon for having spoken against Lord Siva and the ash tilak.  He assured me that hereafter, he will behave as a moderate devotee loving Krishna and respecting all other deities also. Only a brainwashed devotee will accuse other gods.

Why, I have written this incident?  Because, some times, we just blindly follow what others say. They speak against other sects/ gods to make your faith strong in their sect alone. This is like the political parties accusing the leaders of opposition parties. We must apply our intelligence and evaluate why they say so.  After that, we must come to a right conclusion.  Otherwise, we will be just asses that carry the loads without knowing why and where they go.  Krishna’s devotees must be intelligent to know the differences between a Balanced Devotee and Brainwashed devotee.

If you follow this advice, you can enjoy spirituality and devotional life.


Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.

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