I am unable to have association with my friends from other religions? What to do?

I am unable to have association with my friends from other religions? What to do?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Haribol namaste Hare Krishna Prahabu, my question is…rejecting the social gatherings invitations, for staying at home always, for being alone always… this is being introvert or thats what you called a pride? or just I m being so picky? I m worried frown emoticon pride is bad right? so can you help me to distinguish what is being introvert and pride???and what should i do to change this mind set … i have sets of friends:

-some are christian followers they go to the church every sunday, they young professionals and I m still studying and yeah i respect their for being christians but when I m with them i feel that im not belong because were not the same philosophy because i know Krishna so i choose to distance myself to them. but were good friends, i have comm. with them through fb and not shown up with them personally…

-other set of friends are volleyball player because im varsity in my school,some of them are gays.   so now i choose to distance myself again because of the past issue that shared with you…so now i dont play volleyball anymore…

-last sets of friends are my high school friends… we meet once a year but we have communication through social media sites… hmmm i called them friends because they dont forget me… but i cant share my personal life with them…

– i have my best friend who distance himself from me because he needs to focus in his personal life… even comm. in fb we dont have. yesterday is my birthday but i didnt received any greetings from him…

-My family is supportive and im very thankful… i wish i can give back the goodness they gave to me they know krishna also but they are not full time devotee like me…

I called myself as friendless for being picky? what do you  think it is a pride or being introvert?:(

thank you Hare Krishna Prahabu Haribol!


This is the mistake most of our devotees make.

In our temples, we are advised  to be selective in association and we should associate only with Krishna Conscious people.

This advice is meant ONLY FOR heartful and deep association. That means, to spend our quality time in the activities related to Krishna.

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If we associate more with the atheists or the people of other sects, we may forget Krishna and divert from our accepted path, because our discussions will go in the direction that will not lead us to Krishna.

That’s all.  This does not mean, we should never talk to them and get helps from them.

Talking to others, helping others or getting help from others are different from associating with others.

Remember, when we are not staying in temples, but, are running life in our homes, we can not run our life depending only the Krishna Conscious devotees.

Temples do not supply vegetables, milk, grains, oils, dress, etc for us.  They are the places where we can cultivate athma, not the bodies. Temples are not business houses.

Temples and Krishna Consciousness can take care of our athma only.  But, we have to maintain our bodies also.  Where should we go to maintain our bodies?

For that, we need other people only.

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If your water pump got failed, we need to call a technician.  he may not be Krishna devotee.  Should we avoid to call him?

If we are ill, we go to a doctor.  Should we search for a Krishna Conscious doctor?

If we are threatened, we go to police.  Do we go to Krishna Conscious police?




But, we can have the association of Krishna devotees to come up in Krishna Consciousness.

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At the same time, have some nice words with other people also though we have no association with them.  To milkmen, vegetable seller, Grocerywala, neighbour people, those who help us, those from whom we get any helps, etc.

What is wrong in this?

Speaking friendly with other people, even to atheists, is not associating with them.  They are also part of our day to day life.  So, we can not avoid them.

Just because we are Krishna devotees, we should not go away from this world and we should not avoid common people.

Remember, if the farmer (he may be atheist or a christian or a muslim) does not grow grains and vegetables, we, the Krishna Conscious people can not have food.


If there are no Milkmen, we can not have milk in our flats and nuclear homes.

So, we need all the people.  They are also part of our life.   So, we can not expect that organization we are attached to, will fulfill our body needs also.

So, just because you are a devotee, do not hate other people.  Have good approach with them also and have limited and needful interactions with them.

Again I say, use devotee association as a tool to purify the athma.  For body needs like hunger, diseases, etc, we need other people also. You need not have association with them. But, We can’t avoid them.

Similarly, if you do not have atleast a small relationship with the neighbours, they will not come to help us even when we are in danger.

So, talk to all cordially but limitedly.  Never avoid them totally.  Never stand alone in the society and become a good Krishna Conscious devotee from this mix of people.

This is my standing advice for all and for all the time.  I too am following this.


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Author: RAJAN

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