Will Krishna arrange me a job even if I don’t aim for it to avoid expectations?

Will Krishna arrange me a job even if I don’t aim for it to avoid expectations?

Actual Question from a devotee (Name hidden):

“My parent’s asked me to study properly and get good job. But my wish is to have job whenever krishna gives. Anyway my wish makes my parent feel sad.  I don’t know whether i’m doing right or wrong. I’m really very confused and what to do.”


No. Krishna will not help us unless we take any efforts.

Krishna Himself advices us to work efficiently and manage ourselves.

He further says that without taking efforts, we can’t even maintain our needs.

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Therefore, it is clear that Krishna wants us to take efforts.

What your parents advised you is right.

At the same time, just make a change in your consciousness.

Don’t try to enjoy all the comforts of life. Instead, perform your assigned duties of every age perfectly.

Now, this is the age for studying and starting to earn for living.

Without earning anything how can you live in this world? Will you be depending on others throughout your life? Will your parents support you throughout your life?

Practically it is impossible.

Therefore, you are in a compulsion to study well and start earning.

First, evaluate yourself with a balanced mind.  Find out in which field you have talents or interests. Then, choose a course accordingly and study with a proper plan.

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Take full initiative to study.  Plan the available time every day properly and study the lessons sincerely.

Understand the pattern of the exams and the types of the questions and make your study plan accordingly.

Even while studying, you MUST improve your employability skills (soft skills) like communication, trend of the field/ industry for which you are going to try for a job, etc.

Prepare for the interviews and written tests for jobs well even while doing your studies.

Get a good job and support the temples and devotees using your earning, while taking care of yourself.

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Thus, your studies and job will help you to manage yourself as well as the devotional pratices.

When you study well keeping Krishna in mind with the proper plans and try for job as a duty of every individual, then, Krishna will help you to achieve your job and manage yourself.

Instead of doing this, if you just pray to Krishna to give you a job for you, how can He help you?

This is the manthra that I recommend for all:


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