Why Gopis worshiped Lord Siva & Katyayini, Not Krishna?

Why Gopis worshiped Lord Siva & Katyayini, Not Krishna?

Actual Question from a devotee:

“Hare Krishna Prabhu, pamho, DANDAVAT PRANAM. why did gopas n gopis worship lord shiva when lord Krishna physically present in dwaparayuga?”


When Krishna is the Supreme Lord and their target, Why Gopis worshiped Lord Siva & Katyayini, Not Krishna to get Krishna Himself?


Actually, Lord Siva is considered as fulfilling the prayers of the devotees immediately.  Particularly, the women approach Him to get good husband.

Using this nature of Lord Siva, some ask for material benefits to Him.

However, as far as the vaishnavas are concerned, they are advised to have only prayer/ desire of getting the mercy of Krishna.

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Therefore, using the immediate “boon-giving” nature of Lord Siva, we can ask for Krishna’s mercy from Lord Siva.

Since the vaishnavas are very merciful, they always like to fulfill the wishes of the devotees.

Lord Siva too, being the topmost Vaishnava becomes happy when someone prays to Him to help him to get the mercy of Krishna.

He also helps these vaishnavas to get Krishna.

On this basis, Gopis too prayed to Krishna ONLY TO GET KRISHNA, NOT FOR ANY MATERIAL BENEFITS.

Gopis had the only target in their life.  Getting the direct association of Krishna.

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They tried their best to get as many blessings as possible from vaishnavas to get Krishna earlier.

Thus, they prayed to Lord Siva also to help them get Krishna.

They succeeded in it.

Even Srila Bakthi Siddhanta Sarasvati, the guru of A.C.Bhakti Vedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, prayed to Lord Siva for extending Krishna’s mercy.

All the scriptures agree that the Vaishnavas are very powerful in giving/ transferring the Krishna Bhakti to others.

Lord Siva too is capable of bringing Krishna’s mercy to us.


Let us see this in another interesting angle:

The target of Gopis is Krishna. Then, to get Krishna  they pray to Siva as recommendation to make sure that they get Krishna.

If a child wants to get permission for a tour arranged by his school. What he will do? He will tell his mother to achieve the permission from his father to go for tour.  He knows that approaching mother will be logical as she is too close to father.

Similarly, Lord Siva is the topmost vaishnava whose requests can not be denied by Krishna easily.  So, approaching Siva and Katyayini seems logical.

Hope you are clear now about why Gopis worshiped Lord Siva & Katyayini, Not Krishna Himself.


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