Mahajanas means “The Greatest Devotees of Krishna”

Srimad Bhagavatham lists 12 mahajanas that are considered the greatest devotees of Krishna.

These devotees are to be taken as examples for how the devotees of Krishna should be.


Srimad Bhagavatham (6-3-20-21) has like this:

YAMA says:

“Lord Brahma,
Bhagavan Narada,
Lord Siva,
the four Kumaras,
Lord Kapila (the son of Devahuti),
Swayambhuva manu,
Prahalada Maharaja,
Janaka Maharaja,
Grandfather Bhishma,
Bali Maharaja,
Sukadeva Gosvami  and
Myself (Yama) know the real religious principle”

These twelve Mahajanas are the authorities to deliver the messages of the lord and to prepare the people to go back to Krishna.

(The Poem written by Srila Prabhupada on arrival in the USA! READ HERE!)

Not only that.

Being the authorities, It is also said that a bonafide sampradhaya should start from one of the mahajanas or the Lord Himself or the consort of the Lord.

Srimad Bhagavatham purport for (6-1-17) says: “One should fearlessly follow the twelve mahājanas and their line ofdisciplic succession and thus be liberated from the clutches of maya.”

Brahma is a mahajana. Brahma sampradhaya started from Brahma.

Lord Siva is a mahajana. Rudra sampradhaya started from the Lord Siva.

The Four kumaras are mahajanas. Kumara sampradhaya started from these Kumaras.

Since Devi Lakshmi is Goddess Herself and the consort of Vishnu Himself, she Herself stands as the source of SRI Sampradhaya.

Thus, these twelve mahajanas are the true devotees of the Lord Krishna.

Though Bhishma deva fought against Krishna, Bhishma is also a mahajana.



H.H.Radhanath Swami explains this like this:

“Bhisma was always upright, loyal and true in the service of the Lord. Although as an instrument in the Lord’s hands he had to play a thankless role and be misunderstood forever. Generally, people think that Bhisma was obliged to Duryodhana because he was receiving food from him and thus he had to be on his side.

The real reason that Bhisma accepted the side of Kurus was the will of Lord Krishna. Because when Krishna wants to show a fantastic example to the whole world, He uses His devotee.

Even if His devotee has to temporally become His enemy, the devotee accepts that position out of love. So Bhisma understood Krishna’s plan. He wanted to show the whole world in the coming ages that the most important principle in life – “whoever you are, however wealthy you are, however powerful you are, however famous you are, however beautiful you are, however learned you are? If you are not on the side of Krishna, then you will be defeated.”

And irrespective of who you are, if you are on the side of Krishna you will be victorious because Krishna is Achyuta. Achyuta means unconquerable. But the unconquerable Krishna agrees to be conquered by the love of His devotees.”

Thus, these 12 mahajanas are the greatest devotees of Krishna.

We will see the brief detains of every one of these twelve mahajanas on weekly basis in this site.


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