Remedy for insulting Krishna out of frustration for silly reasons!

Remedy for insulting Krishna out of frustration for silly reasons!

A Girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

Hare Krishna prabhu!I am telling you a situation of which I am really sad and embarrassed about.Please understand my difficulty and and tell me what to do.I must confess I am not much a devotee of Lord Krishna.But that does not mean I ever wanted to disrespect Him or anything like that.I respect Him and I also respect SrimadBhagavat Gita very much.Once I was surfing the internet about information of some other deities but I could get nothing.I only got information of Lord Vishnu,Lord Krishna.This continued for so much time and ultimately I threw my phone,frustrated and said something bad to Lord Vishnu.Immediately upon this,I got very very sad and horrified at what I had done.But believe me,at that instant I did not realize what I was doing.If I had,I would’nt.After that incident,I am constantly in sadness.I am repenting very much.Yesterday I was crying and crying and asking forgiveness for what I had done.I am very very sad.All the time I am only thinking about this.I thought about ending my life as I had done something terrible like that,whether intentionally or not.Please please help me.I understand,getting angry was my fault but I never want to say or do anything bad to Lord Krishna.I also know very well that even when I was angry,if somebody brought me in front of Lord Krishna idol or temple,my anger would dissolve.But I did something which I would never do in my senses.I am very sad and all the time repenting and asking forgiveness and also I am afraid of the consequences for my deed.I will not do it again.Please help me.Please tell me what to do.


You got tensed and threw the phone seeing the domination of Krishna in the internet.

Ha ha…


Immediately, you realized your mistake and are feeling for your action.

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This is just restlessness from your side.

Not only Krishna, whatever had dominated the search, you would have thrown the phone.

We can not consider this as jealous for Krishna.

Because, you did not hate Krishna; You searched for some other gods, but, got the details of Krishna only more.

This is just the disappointment of not getting what you want.

This agitating mindset is not good.

If others do not act as expected by you, you may throw their relations.

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Krishna advice us to be stable in both positives and negatives.

Only when we expect the world to be as expected by us, we feel agitated when it is not so.

So, expectation is the primary cause for all the agitations of mind.

You threw just the phone and used some abusive words.

You realized your mistake and feel now.

See, Krishna will not forgive the offenses against His devotees, but He will forgive if you insult Him and later regret.

So, In this case, you will be forgiven.

But, this agitative mind should be changed at any cost as it may not help you grow in the devotion to Krishna or any God.

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If you have such sensitivity to the failures, you can not shine well in married life also because you can not expect your spouse having similar nature like you. You need some compromise if you like to be peaceful in life.

Whichever God you follow, follow silemntly. If you develop hatred against other gods, your favourite gods will not accept your devotion.

We should show our maturity in following devotion.

Following a God does not mean hating or neglecting other gods.

You need not worry for punishments.  Krishna never punishes anyone for getting insulted.  Just regretting for our offense is the remedy for insulting Krishna.

When Bhrigu rishi visited vaikunta, Vishnu did not notice Bhirgu coming.

Bhirgu got angry for not getting noticed by Vishnu.


Bhrigu kicked Vishnu on the chest to wake him up, as he was enraged by the fact that Vishnu was constantly asleep on the Shesha.

Vishnu woke up, greeted Bhrigu.

Then, Vishnu started massaging Bhirgu’s feet.

Then Vishnu asked:  “Were your feet had been hurt in kicking his chest?”

Bhirgu was broken with the mercy of Vishnu and ask for forgiveness.

This is the nature of Vishnu – Narayana – Krishna.

You have done so just out of frustration of not getting your searched details.

So, you too will be forgiven.

Also remember:  Since Krishna is the Supreme lord, He is everywhere in these creations.

In the Internet too.

Hope you are relieved now knowing the Remedy for insulting Krishna out of frustration for silly reasons!

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Author: RAJAN

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