Is Remarrying same divorced spouse allowed to reduce karma?

Is Remarrying same divorced spouse allowed to reduce karma?

A woman devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare krsna, Pamho, AGTSP! Are marriages decided from before? Is our husband decided from our karma? when we fall in love with someone, is the lover decided from our past karma? What is karma actually? For example if a cat eat the mouse, and the mouse dies, is it that the death of the mouse was certain by the cat because of the past karma? If some one dies out of cancer, is it due to his past karma.

I am so frustrated and confused with this karma? Can u plz clear?

I got married to a ………..and he is From Abroad. After marriage, he went Abroad, and within a week I also went to live with my husband. Suddenly, he started ignoring me. We both didn’t know, what’s going on, whats happening. He thought that its all because of our both grahas. So, we decided to get divorced for 3 months and then again re marry. I came back to my home, because once you get divorced your dependent visa is over and you cannot stay after the expiry of visa. When three months was over, he denied to come back. I got worried and came to my in laws crying that your son left me. We both use to talk to each other.

Then there in abroad, he showed kundali to one astrologer, he says that according my kundali , there is divorce.  Now its been 9 months , I am away from him. I know he doesn’t love me. He also wants to come but is afraid that again things may go wrong once we are together again.

When ever we talk, he says that why god made us meet. I m happy to get married to him but vice versa. But he is such a nice person from heart.

If I would have marry a different person I would be happy or in my karma there is no happiness?

I just want some solution, plz help me for bringing us back together and lead a happy married life. My life is so jumbled up. I just don’t know what to do. A girl life is like a hell when she receives no love from her husband. She is so empty without it. Plz help.”



This is a very complex situation and purely your personal. However, as some details may help others, let me reply this publicly.

Yes. We are all tied by the strong and well planned network of karma. Karma network is like a silent court that rewards as well as punishes us.

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In your case, though you may be a good person in this birth, you might have disturbed any couples in your past birth(s) and might have separated them. You do not remember your activities in this birth. So, your marriage life got separated in this birth as per karma.

If your karma is to suffer by a husband, you will definitely marry a person who may pain you.  The situation will lead you towards it. This is the strength of karma. So, as asked by you, you could not have married any other person. You married this person, as per your karma and to clear your past karma. So, it is for good only, as you are clearing your karma by facing it. There is no chance of bribing and escaping in this karma court.

However, don’t worry. There is a good news for you. There are no material solutions for this problem. Only a spiritual solution is there. As the material court’s punishments are forgiven by president of a country when we send mercy petition, there is only one way to escape from karma court, by sending mercy petition to Krishna who is the source of the whole creations.

How? Chant Hare Krishna atleast 16 rounds every day. This is the mercy petition to Krishna.

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What else should you do?

Start living for Krishna, not for your pleasure. Surrender to Krishna. Accept a bonafide spiritual master. And , sincerely follow all the rules and regulations of an initiated devotee.  Once, you accept a bonafide spiritual master and start to follow the rules, all your past karma will be suspended and you take a new birth.

How a spiritual master can purify us? Because, he comes in the chain of disciplic succession starting from Krishna.  So, he is in the parampara of Krishna. As you too connect in that chain, you too join the parampara of Krishna. Then, you are coming under the supervision of Krishna.

So, your karma is under suspension until you follow the rules of diksha. This is the power of a bonafide spiritual master.

So, I advise you to take up Krishna Consciousness still seriously under the guidance of a bonafide spiritual master and lead your material life just as a duty, not with attachment. Within months, you can notice changes in you.

Now, let me encourage you in another astrological angle. As per the astrology, there may be Rahu, Ketu, or Saturn, or Mars in the First, Second, seventh or eighth house of your horoscope. Please check it. For those persons, marriage life faces more issues.

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But, there is a relief.  You both have divorced like playing a game very easily. Let it be. It has already happened. But, it may be for good in your case. Because, if you have “Mangal dosha” or “Naga dosha” , it is reduced once your first marriage fails.

As your first marriage has been divorced, your dosha would have reduced. So, when remarrying same divorced spouse, that dosha may not affect you seriously.

So, marry him again without fear. Show him this message and encourage him. Also, check, whether he has the fear of dosha, or any other physical issues (or) inferiority complex, etc. If he has, let him consult a doctor. All problems can be cured with the scientific advancement.

Whatever it is, when your marriage failed once because of doshas, it may usually be reduced with the first divorce. So, remarrying same divorced spouse  reduces doshas, i.e, karma.  That is the point to be noted here.

However, other than doshas, if the marriage breaks because of other serious planet structures,  any number of marriages a person faces may fail. Only for doshas, second marriages may be less severe.  Other reasons may be life long reasons.

However, the scriptures do not encourage divorce or second marriage and recommend us to accept these happenings as our karma. So, I usually do not recommend it. But, In your case, you are not going to remarry any other new person, but, the same husband. So, no need for any hesitations.

So, marry again and live happily.  Always talk and behave positively with him.

Hope you are clear about remarrying same divorced spouse.

Best wishes for your good married life.


Author: RAJAN

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