Annakuta Mohotsava is a very auspicious day.

This day is observed in India during the month of Kartika.

Many of Krsna’s other sweet pastimes were also performed in the month of Kartika.

In this month, under the guidance of Nanda Baba, the Vrajavasis observed Govardhana puja.

They did this, having given up the puja of Indradeva, and that resulted in Krsna lifting Govardhana Hill on His little finger.

Yasoda-devi bound Krsna in this very month, which is how the song Sri Damodarastakam originated.

Kartika is also the month in which Krsna and the Gopis performed Saradiya Rasa (Autumn rasa-lila).

After Krsna lifted Giri Govardhana, Indra understood that his torrential rain
would have no effect, and thus he began to repent his actions.

He thought that Krsna would punish him, and that the only way to save himself would be to take shelter of Surabhi cow.

Surabhi would be able to please Krsna.

She would pray to Krsna on his behalf, “Please, excuse him”

No one else would be able to achieve this.

Krsna considers Himself the servant of the cows and always supports them.

It would therefore be easy for Surabhi to please Him.

If Surabhi would not go, Krsna would not be pacified and would therefore punish him.

Indra thus took shelter of Surabhi, walking behind her, and they both approached Krsna.

Krsna said, “O Mother, you have come!”

Surabhi said, “Yes. I have brought my son with me. I request that You please excuse him.”

Surabhi then began to supply large quantities of milk, and Indra, the demigods, and the great sages present began to abhisheka (bathe) Krsna, just as we did here today.

Krsna then became very happy and said, “In the future I don’t want to have to tolerate your nonsense activities. For your own good you should go to Navadvipa, and there, in the company of Surabhi, perform austerities. In that way you will be excused.”

Indra thus understood that Krsna was the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Up until the time of that abhiseka, Krsna was known as Yasoda-nandana and Nanda-nandana Krsna.

Now, He would also be known as Govinda.

Go indicates gopa, gopi, go (cow), govatsa (calf) and Veda. Krsna gives pleasure to all these gos and He also protects them;

Therefore His name is Govinda.

Govinda and Govardhana are in the same line: He has the same duty, the same function, as Giriraja Govardhana (vardana means to nourish).

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Author: RAJAN

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