Should Krishna devotees perform Puja for house, vehicle, instrument, etc?

Should Krishna devotees perform Puja for house, vehicle, instrument, etc?

Actual Question from two devotees: 

(1) “Hare Krishna Anna. Ayutha Puja (saraswati puja) comes next month. Should the devotees of Krishna perform worship to  the books and instruments in my house?”

(2) “Hare Krishna Prabhu , i have a question but wish to remain anonymous . when one worship Demigod ,if one purchase a new vehicle and house they must do car and house prayer for it first before using it however if one is following Krishna path does one still need to do vehicle and house prayer , if so how would one go about doing it. your assistance is much appreciated . thank you.”


Actually, Krishna devotees can perform Puja for house, vehicle, instrument, etc, without the mind of “ownership”.

A house or a vehicle is not our property. They have been gifted by Krishna to us. They are Krishna’s properties.

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Nothing in this world is our property.

We are just allowed to use the properties of Krishna. If we consider them as our own, we are ignorant.

Because, when we develop the “ownership” mindset, we will develop pride as the owners of many materials to others.

This ownership mindset is able to make us commit many offenses that leads to negative karma.

For example, when a poor person hears our proud words, he may be hurt and feel for his inability. We become a cause for the hurt of a poor person.


Do you know why the devotees should wear simple dress and look simple?

Same reason.  We should not hurt the poor persons.  Our simple life style will give encouragement to others to lead simple life.  Even a poor person will be encouraged seeing the devotees who remain simple even though they have everything.

That is why, I always advice to lead a simple life only with the essentials, but with the highest goal of getting the mercy of Krishna.  If we remain simple, they will feel comfortable to approach us.  And, I always try to follow and also preach others that we should not waste the resources of Lord.

I use only those things without which we can not live and I always prefer to cook in correct quantity to avoid throwing the food away..

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This consciousness and alertness should always be there for devotees.

If you get the opportunity to buy a vehicle, first evaluate whether you really need it.  If really needed, buy. If your life style and job does not require a vehicle, do not buy.

As far as house is concerned, it is the must for all.  If you buy a house, treat that house as the property of Krishna. Not yours.

Thank Krishna for having given that house to live.

Now, you can perform pujas to that house and vehicle as if offering puja for the property of Krishna.  See that house as a temple of Krishna.


This is the right mindset of performing pujas to materials.  Like the Vrajavasis performed pujas for Govardhana hill. Do not perform Puja for any material with the pride of being its owner.

See Krishna and His ownership in your house and the materials you have.

It is not sufficient to perform puja just for a single day.  Make that house as temple and perform pujas to Krishna every day in that house.

Use that house, material, instrument and vehicle in the service of Krishna as much as possible That is important.

Thus, you can make even the materials as spiritual when you consider them as the properties of Krishna. With this mindset, Krishna devotees can perform Puja for house, vehicle, instrument, etc.

Hope this helps.

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