If a Sick Patient is unclean while chanting, will it be forgiven?

If a Sick Patient is unclean while chanting, will it be forgiven?

A woman devotee who requested anonymity asked like this:

“Jai shri krishna prabhuji… prabhuji Is the basic of chanting: cleanliness of body necessary for the diseased body?? Is it necessary to take bath daily if it is not possible for the diseased person…. Is it the faith of heart n mind matters or cleanliness of body matters..”


Chanting Gayathri Manthra needs cleanliness of body and character!  One should be very clean in his body, words and actions if he chants Gayathri Manthra.

Even that Gayathri manthra can be chanted as per our convenience but within mind when we are sick being unable to clean ourselves properly.

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Manthras are related to mind and heart!  Body should be clean to keep our consciousness also clean. That’s all. If in unavoidable situations, we are unable to be clean, it is not an offense.

Krishna lives even in the heart of a Pig and Dog.  Will he leave just because you are sick?

Particularly, chanting Hare Krishna has no controls till you chant 4 rounds a day!  If you chant more than that, you should be very careful in discipline!

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Anyone in any state can chant Hare Krishna. However, whenever possible, it is better to clean the body.

My father was performing annual rituals (shrardha) for our ancestors till he died.  He was sick and could not even sit during his last days.  However, 7-8 days before his death, when he was in death bed, the shrardha for our grand father (his father) came.  He did not skip those rituals.  He called all the three required brahmanas including purohit.  Then homa yagna was arranged as usual.  My father could not sit, but, he repeated the manthras recited by the purohit by being in the flat position on the floor.  Before that, he asked us to offer him a bath on bed itself.  We kept him on the floor and he recited the vedic manthras lieing on the floor with utmost difficulty.

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The brahmanas praised him much and offered their blessings to him.  Similarly, he performed vedic rituals and prayers to lord till he died.  Every day we would clean his body and he would start chanting Lord’s Names and Vishnu Sahasranama from bed itself.

What happened? Lord gave him relief from his existing body on the morning of an Ekadasi.  He had predicted through his horoscope that he will naturally die on ekadasi and requested us to cremate him on dvadasi.  As predicted by him, he got the fortune of Ekadasi death and dvadasi cremation.

Only because we, the children took birth for such a sincere brahmana, we are leading our life in such a way that our father’s image is not affected.  In my life so far, I have got many opportunities to commit sinful acts, but, it was the good image of our father and mother that prevented me from committing major sins.  Such pious life style of the parents is protecting us in our life.  That is why, it is said by scriptures that the activities of parents have impact on the lives of their children.

So, if we have the dedication and determination, we can chant in any position.  Yes, Lord sees only our heart and purity.  However, if possible, the diseased/sick person may atleast clean his body with a wet cloth daily with the help of the family members.  This will keep his health good.

Particularly, if you use tulasi mala for chanting, better clean the body atleast with wet cloth before chanting. Or, if you use some other wood made mala for chanting, you can chant even without cleaning and you can chant in any state.

Such sick persons may chant using a handy counter machine that will be very useful.

All the best.

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Author: RAJAN

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