Why Deity Worship is not recommended at Home For all?

Why Deity Worship is not recommended at Home For all?

A Busy Banker devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Prabhu ji. I am a banker who is always very occupied but somehow manages to complete one round of Hare Krishna Mahamantra and reading Bhagwad Gita and other books. But can you please tell me about deity worship? Due to my living alone and having long and hectic work schedule it is not possible to perform deity worship very elaborately therefore I want to know if we can have deity worship in a manner that follows shastras but at the same time fits in my time. Thank you. Hare Krishna”


I am sorry to say this:

I do not encourage deity worship in home unless we are very free to take care of them properly and unless he is a brahmana initiated devotee not working anywhere!

Why? Read the full post:

I never recommend anything that is difficult to follow and offensive if we do not do that properly.


I do not bother whether many accept this or not, but I like to tell this:

Deities are primarily meant for temples!  Because the full time work of the temples is only serving the deities!

Whereas, in home, we have many assignments to do like going to job, working in shifts, working over time, interactions with spouse, etc.

And, after our death, there may be no one to perform deity worship in our family.

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Whereas, temples will continue though a devotee passes away or get transferred to  somewhere where it is not possible to perform deity worship properly. Another devotee will take charge of deity service.

And, the deities are Krishna Himself.  They are the archa avatars of Krishna.

So, if you keep the deities, you should bathe the deities regularly, dress them, worship them and offer food to them perfectly in time.


Of course, Krishna will not punish any devotee if he misses the schedule.

But, why should we miss the schedules keeping the deities at home?

When you have the deities, the women in your home should be very careful by remaining outside the home (or) atleast outside the area where the deities are kept, during periods.

You should not go near the deities without bathing.

You should not keep them hungry when you tour to out stations for a week or month.

Because the deities expect your offering in time.

You should be very strict in discipline and cleanliness when you keep the deities at home.

If you are unable to follow these rules, you may feel tensed or upset or guilt.


All these things are not necessary.

Also keep this point in mind:  Deity worship is not recommended at home in kaliyuga.  It is for dvapar yuga in which only the deity worship at home and temples took one to Krishna.

For this dirty and short lived kaliyuga, there is only one recommendation:

Chant Lord’s Names as much as Possible and follow perfect discipline!(following regulative principles)!

To keep us in the spirit of devotion, keep some pictures of Krishna and His avatars at home.

Offer all the services to them like offering food, worship, etc.

If you still like to keep the deities, ensure that those deities are of the height of 3 inches or less.  It is allowed for home.

Please be practical.  I never recommend impractical practices for the devotees of all stages!

No need for excessive emotions in this matter.

Please ask excuse from the deities one day and hand over the deities to a temple (or) mutt (or) honourbly drop them in a sea or river.

Krishna knows that I am writing this to encourage more important sadhanas like chanting in this kaliyuga.  So, I am 100% sure that Krishnna has approved my advice here!

Do as said by me without hesitation.  No need for guilt!

Should no one keep the deities at home?

Those who have taken Brahmana diksha and do not work materially anywhere, can keep because, the rules for them are very strict.  They too should follow all the rules meant for brahmanas.

However, if a brahmana is working somewhere and earn, he is no longer a brahmana.  So, he too need not keep deities at home.

The above advice on this matter is final. No relaxations in that.

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Author: RAJAN

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