Can we offer Tulasi leaves to demigods? Clear Reasons!

Can we offer Tulasi leaves to demigods? Clear Reasons!

Reena Menon asked like this:

“Hare Krishna… What if Tulasi leaves are used for worshiping the demigods… Here in south India.. they are using tulasi leaves for offering to demigods… and so they request us to supply the leaves from our garden.. how can we deny them… What is the remedy? Even if we try to explain the reason… because they are mayavadis they will not accept and the priest is requesting… What shall be done… Hare Krishna.”


Tulasi must be offered only to Vishnu tatvas and avatars of Vishnu/ Krishna.

Lord Vishnu Himself, Lord Krishna, Lord Narayana, Lord Rama, Lord Nrsimmha deva, etc can be offered Tulasi leaves.


Because, Tulasi is a confidential devotee and also a servant of Lord Krishna.  She directly took part in the lilas of Lord Krishna with Radharani and other gopis.

Tulasi is also a gopi.  Gopis are the confidential associates of Krishna who had the fortune of getting Krishna Himself.

Therefore, Tulasi is best to be offered to the original source form, ie, Krishna form because the Lord did all His confidential activities in that Krishna form only.

Krishna form is the first eligible form to whom we can offer Tulasi.

Next comes His other avatars and expansions.  This too is acceptable because they too are the forms and expansions of Krishna.

As far as the demigods are concerned, they too are worshiping Krishna.  In their process of worship, they have to worship Tulasi also because there is no worship of Krishna without the worship of tulasi.

Now, a problem.

How can the demigods be offered tulasi when she is an worshipable person for the demigods?

Can we offer the worshiped person under the feet of her servants?

Tulasi is a confidential associate of Krishna.  So, she holds a special position in the worship of Krishna.

So, the demigods will not accept of we offer tulasi under their feet.

However, Tulasi is used in Hanuman worship. But, the right way of offering tulasi to Hanuman is that we can offer tulasi first to Lord Rama and then offer that as a prasadam to Hanuman.

Hanuman will be happy if we offer tulasi prasadam of Rama to him. He Himself will not accept if we offer tulasi directly to Hanuman because Hanuman is the loyal servant of Lord Rama. He will not accept the offering of tulasi directly to him because Hanuman knows that tulasi is the associate of Lord Rama’s associate in his Krishna avatar.

If there are this much of procedure even for Hanuman ji, what to say about the demigods!

Give them this reply to read.  Let them change their offensive action that is not recommended anywhere.

Curiosity has no role in devotion. Only the Rules play major role in worship.

Hope you are clear.

Author: RAJAN

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