Will taking more Prasadam affect our health as it is Krishna Himself?

Will taking more Prasadam affect our health as it is Krishna Himself?

A male devotee asked like this: (I have hidden name)

“Prabhuji, I am a 30 year old young man from an adjoining district of ……………..I am of a highly materialistic nature, but I do not have the means even to feed myself one meal.

But I am very fond of eating !!!! So you see, what I really need is mukti or redemption, first from hunger, then from want, then from the desires that continue to plague me; only then can I find the time and energy for Bhakti !!!! What would be your suggestions for me ?”


It is not adviseable to eat full stomach though it is nectar.  We should eat food to the 50% of our stomach and 25% should be filled with water and the remaining 25% should be allowed empty for the free flow of air.

Though it is Krishna Prasadam, it is made up of grains, vegetables, oild, etc. So, these ingredients will have their won effect that is their nature.

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Just because Tiger is a vehicle of a god, can you go near a tiger without fear?

Just because the Lord took avatar as Narasimha, will you go and play with a lion?

Just because we make abhishek to Krishna with oils, will we take more oils?

So, do not hear some devotees saying that the Prasadam will not affect our health.

Prasadam, though taken in small quantities will give us more desire to follow Krishna bhakti still better. Because the Prasadam is touched and purified by Krishna, honouring Prasadam will reduce our karma stage by stage and also give us more involvement in devotion.

So, the positive effects of Prasadam is Spiritual effects of elevating is in devotion.  It has no physical effects to stop the diseases.

Even the devotees face Heart attacks, Cancer, indigestion, accidents, etc.

If taking Prasadam has the effects on our body, how can a devotee who takes only prasadam get diseases?

So, the effects of taking Prasadam is spiritual only.

Our body has a capacity and nature. The Prasadam that we ofer to Krishna should be of satvic nature. So, taking normal quantity of Prasadam will help us remain healthy because Prasadam is made up of satvik ingredients. However, Even this satvic prasadam will affect our health if taken in excessive quantities.

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And, if we get some diseases because of karma, Prasadam will give us capacity to bear the diseases, as Prasadam is Krishna Himself. Krishna will help us through Prassadam to bear the effects of karma.

This practice of taking Prasadam in normal quantities without loading the stomach to its full capacity, will help to make our disgestion comfortable.  If we eat more, the digestion will take long and after 30, you may have to face many complications.  Till 30, the digestion system will be good.

After 30, you may have acidity or gastric problems that may also cause ortho problems.  So, it is always better to eat moderately.

Usually, those who eat grains and oil more are at high risk of obesity.  So, instead of filling the stomach with grains and oil, you should eat vegetables more and grains less.

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Vegetables will not cause obesity or major health issues.

You should not suddenly reduce the intake of Prasadam.  Reduce it stage by stage.  If you eat 750 grams of Prasadam this month, reduce it to 650 grams next month.  Next month 550 grams.  Thus, you can come till 450 grams.  This will not affect your health but, it will reduce the weight.

Fasting on ekadasis and other major festivals will also help u to reduce the Prasadam intake.  And, if you think of the consequences of eating more, you will have to reduce the food at any cost.  No other way.

If your job is a sitting job, you should definitely reduce the Prasadam intake because your calorie burning will be less.  If your work is very hard and mostly physical, you can take more Prasadam because you need more calories to work..

In whatever case, taking more Prasadam affect our health AND is not advisable.

So, hereafter reduce the Prasadam intake stage by stage, not suddenly.  And, always eat food after offering to Lord as Prasadam.  Not as karmic food.

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So, my advice for you is :

(1) If possible reduce the intake of Prasadam stage by stage till an optimum level.

(2) If you are unable to reduce the quantum of Prasadam, instead of filling your stomach with grains and oil, fill it with vegetables and fruits.

(3) The most important tip will be: Take more water before going to take Prasadam. This will reduce the food intake.

Why reduction of Prasadam is suggested?

More food will enhance lethargy and thamo guna.  This will give you more sleep.  So, you can not shine in any activity.

pLEASE, follow my above tips and control your food habits taking more Prasadam affect our health..

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Author: RAJAN

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