I have more attachment with Guru than Krishna. What to do?

I have more attachment with Guru than Krishna. What to do?

A girl devotee whose name was hidden asked like this:

“Thank you very much anna..    I have one more doubt Anna…In my starting time of practicing K.Consthere is no idea of Guru and disciples…so i pray directly with Lord Krsna and then we comes to know the relationship between Guru and disciples. Desciple we are nt qualified to pray directly to Lord Krsna..so surrender to Guru and pray to him regarding Krsna Bhakti ( Krsna prema) and anything related to our sp.progress… now my doubt is……..

So in starting time am always remembering Him, bcoz always pray to Him, thinking about Him. Bt now always pray to our beloved Guru Maharaj…so slightly down for thinking of Lord..it was make more pain.  Normally I do not knw how to move with Guru and how to always remembering Krsna.. and Guru and also how to behave as real disciple to him.

What I will do anna ..Pls clear my confusion. Again I write my doubt to you bcoz, I got a clear solution from you for my doubts about soul. i satisfied with it. So pls I will expect this also.

Thank you very much.   Your servant”


You have more attachment with Guru than Krishna.

Getting the right Guru is more important than getting Krishna. Because , if you get and please your guru, Krishna will be automatically got.

Nice doubt and genuine doubt also.  Many devotees would hesitate to ask this question, but, you have innocently asked.

Actually, a guru is the one who clears our darkness and show Krishna. That is why, he is called as GU-RU.

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But, there are many types of devotees in ANY SATHSANGHA / TEMPLE:

(1) Those who approaches everything AFTER ANALYZING in a balanced way.

(2) Those who approach everything emotionally.

(3) Those who enjoy to be the slaves for any person. They enjoy being a slave.

(4) Those who are casual devotees who like to just spend time and have some Prasadam. They do not bother about what the management is, who is guru, what he does, etc.

Among these four categories,  the first category of devotees will always handle their spiritual life in a manner that will not cause problems. They will remain very happy and safe being a devotee They will take care of their family and perform assigned duties and follow devotion properly.  They know their family responsibilities and official responsibilities.  So, they brilliantly plan how to execute their spiritual duties while performing their family and job.  So, such brilliant devotees can not be confused in spiritual life.  They keep their job healthy.  They keep their wives happy.  They develop their children well.  And, they also perform well in job as well as all their spiritual duties.

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Now, take second and third category of devotees.  They are emotional.  They always decide everything based on external appearance.  If they see a devotee, they will not behave as a moderate co-devotee.  Instead, they would blindly believe and accept whatever he says and they never evaluate whether he is a right devotee without any bad motive in saying so.

A few devotees may take efforts to make a group of devotees as his supporters.  You may be aware that there will be some factions in Political Parties.  Similarly, there will be many influential leaders in any  sathsangha.   There will be some supporters for every such influential devotee.

So, such devotees may some times try to pull you into his faction within the organisation.  If a devotee is emotional and blind, he/ she will be easily carried by such faction makers.

Same happens in the case of propagating the guru concept.  Yes. We must worship a guru like we worship Krishna.  And, if we worship guru, he will take us to Krishna.  Does this mean that we should forget Krishna?

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No.  It is said that a sadhu sees Krishna even in dogs and dog-eaters.  Then, what about Guru?  Should not we see Krishna in the face of Guru?  We must see.

First, you should select a good guru.  We should ensure that this guru is following his vows to his spiritual master.  If the guru himself does not follow rules, how a devotee will follow?  So, select a perfect guru first.  He can be either a siksha guru or diksha guru.  He must be a bonafide one.  That is also important.

Never choose a guru IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HIM DIRECTLY BEFORE.  DO NOT SELECT HIM JUST BECAUSE OTHERS ARE SELECTING HIM.  YOU EVALUATE PERSONALLY AND THEN DECIDE.  It may take time to select such a guru.  let it be.  Better late than to get cheated later.

After selecting a right guru, do not see him as separate from Lord.  See a guru as a representative of Krishna.  But, he is not Krishna.  Some scriptures speak gurus like God so as to increase faith in the guru system.  But, no one can be equal to God.

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If you take GITA MAHATHMIYA, it says that even if you read a single text of Bhagavad Gita, it relieves from sins.  Does this mean, we need to read just a single text of Bhagavad Gita to get relieved from sin?  Such praises are given to encourage us to read Bhagavad Gita.

However, there is no need to treat a guru EQUAL to Krishna. Because no one is equal to Krishna.  Krishna is the topmost authority.  But, because of His causeless mercy, Krishna considers His devotees as superior to Him.  However, if we give respect to the vaishnavas like giving for Krishna, it is appreciated by Lord, because, this shows the humbleness of the devotees.  Guru is the representative of Krishna.  But, He is not exactly Krishna.  Always keep this minute difference in mind.  Some emotional devotees will confuse you to follow guru only and he will take us to Krishna.  But, in case, if a guru fails to follow his vows, how can he take us to Lord?

So,  GURU IS A HUMAN.  AT THE MOST, HE CAN BE CONSIDERED AS THE REPRESENTATIVE OF The LORD (or) THE BRIDGE BETWEEN KRISHNA AND US. He is the medium who takes us to Krishna.  HE IS A VAISHNAVA, BUT, HUMAN.  This must be kept in mind.  More attachment with Guru than Krishna is good, but, do not forget Krishna.

So, as said above, we must see Krishna in all.  Similarly, see Krishna in the face of your guru also.  Respect guru.  Offer your worship.

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Always see Him as the humble servant of Krishna, not like seeing a political leader.  That is why, may people start to worship Guru and forget Krishna.  This is like being in a political party.  Worshiping its leader and forgetting the country. This can be avoided.

You are seeing your parents daily, almost all the time.  Do you forget Krishna because of seeing your parents?  No.  You are respectful to your parents.  However, you do not bypass Krishna for remembering your parents.


(i) Respect your guru,

(ii) hear the words of  guru,

(iii) follow his words and

(iv) fulfill his order.

This is enough.  Nothing more is expected from you by a guru.  Do not make him or project him like a political party leader.

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Then, why such exaggerations for a guru in spiritual industry?

(1) If anyone promotes or exaggerates HUMAN WORSHIP more than GOD’s WORSHIP, think twice before supporting him.  He may collect people for showing his strength.

(2) The Guru worship is EXAGGERATED in such a way that the real purpose of guru is forgotten. Guru is a teacher. He clears our darkness.  So, we can give all our respects and worships.  But, if they say that the guru is more powerful than Krishna, think twice.  They are speaking so, to add more quorum for their group because, there are more people WHO ENJOY TO BE SLAVES TO OTHERS.  So, they fall in the hands of those who exploit their slavery mindset.  He will not respect even his own parents though they are innocent.  Then, what is the SHOW in worshiping a guru, allowing the parents on street side.

So, See Krishna in the face of Guru also.  Problem solved.

I again repeat:

(i) Respect your guru LIKE RESPECTING THE LORD,

(ii) hear the words of  guru ABOUT THE LORD,

(iii) follow his words ABOUT THE LORD and

(iv) fulfiLl his order OF SERVING THE LORD in a customised manner.

This is enough.  Nothing more should be expected from you by a guru.  Do not make him or project him like a political party leader.


Having more attachment with Guru than Krishna is not an offense as it is the topmost form of devotion as we entrust ourselves to the guru. But, forgetting Krishna for guru is not advisable.

So,  Be a balanced devotee!  Respect all.  But, always stand on the principles recommended by the scriptures.

Hope you are clear about having more attachment with Guru than Krishna.

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Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.

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