Are all the persons we meet sent by the Lord? How?

Are all the persons we meet sent by the Lord? How?

A Girl devotee asked like this:

hare krishna prabhuji..i hav heard dat krishna goes to house of devotee in any form to test d devotee so how to recognise if incase he çomes to us..?r der any posibilities of meeting him..?or is it dat since i m a fallen soul d meeting is imposible.. sory for asking dis silly question


No need to take much efforts to know who is sent by Krishna to us.

Every person whom we meet;

Every person who helps us;

Every person who seek help from us;

Every person who teaches us material or spiritual knowledge and

Every person who deceives us.

Everyone is the representative sent by Krishna Himself.

If a person helps us in a critical situation, he is definitely the one sent by the Lord.  Because Krishna does not come directly to help us.  He sends some people to help us.  So, we have to honour that person.

If anyone seeks a help from us, he is also sent by Lord, because, Lord tests whether we behave like a miser or help the needy.  Moreover, the Lord gives us an opportunity by giving us a chance to help that person that reduces our karma.

That is why, it is said by the scriptures that more we give, more we get.  How?  Our helps are recognized by the Lord and thus Lord decides that if He gives wealth to us, it will help for the society also through us.  So, we are given more.

Another benefit of supporting/ helping the needy is, our negative karma, that was blocking our fortunes, comes down when we help others financially or physically. Since our negative karma is reduced, we will get more fortunes.

That is why, we should help others by giving money or service. This will bring more goodness to us in future. It is the way shown by the Lord Himself.

If you learn a new lesson from any person, he is also sent by the Lord because, unless we could not meet him, we would have been committing mistakes further.  So, Lord corrects us through such persons.

If any person deceives us, he is also sent by the Lord because, the Lord teaches us how not to run life.  He makes us serious and sincere by giving disappointments to us through such persons.  Otherwise, we will be leading a irresponsible life till we die. By allowing us to be deceived by others, Lord reduces our negative karma.  That is why I said that even the cheaters do good for us by reducing our karma.

Since Krishna lives in the heart of every person, we have to treat everyone as the product and representative of Krishna.  Krishna interacts with the people through such people only.

If we insult or discourage or deceive any person, that means, we have insulted the Lord as He has sent that person just to help us in some way through experiences.

Only our experiences make our life.  Without experiences, we will remain like a child till we die and we can’t achieve anything in life.

Even in Krishna Consciousness,  Krishna teaches you about Himself through other devotees only and we should treat such persons as the representatives sent by Lord.

So, hereafter, see Krishna in everyone and everything you see in this world.

Problem solved.

Author: RAJAN

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