The horse that went back home, back to Godhead – Story

The horse that went back home, back to Godhead – Story

(Story by H.H. Jayapataka Swami and Sent by Mehra Amit)

So, in his kingdom, Nrsingha Maharaja created peace everywhere and he rewarded his chief of staff with a small kingdom and a big palace and so many facilities because he had worked very nice.

But the chief of staff, he was not happy. He said, “I won all the battles, I should be the king!”

And he was conspiring a coup to assassinate the emperor and take over his position.

But he did not have the karma nor the brain to manage an empire. He was only a good militarian.

Any way, just before he could, the day before he was going to kill the King, he got cholera and died.

The Yamadutas took him to Yamaraj and Yamaraj said:  “You are rascal number one. You were planning to kill your emperor. You don’t have the good karma to be an emperor. You are ungrateful. He gave you so many things. So, you wanted to be the greatest. Alright, I will let you be the greatest. You can be the greatest horse in the world”

And let him be born as a super horse! The greatest horse in the entire world! Gold medal horse! Olympic champion! The best!

So, one businessman was travelling and he saw this horse and he said “This is the best horse I have ever seen. I am going to make a lot of money on this horse. Because this is the best horse in the world, it should only go to the emperor.”

So, he paid two million rupees for the horse. With great effort, he brought it back to the capital city of the empire.

And he tried to take it to the royal assembly but they didn’t let him in. “Are you crazy to take a horse to the assembly?”

He said: “No this is the best horse in the world and the king, the emperor has to see it.”

So, there was a big commotion at the door and the emperor asked what the problem is.

And they explained to him that somebody said he had the best horse in the world.

The emperor said, “No problem we will check it out. Get my horse experts. Get the medic, the veterinarian, to check the horse out. This is a good horse”.

And, they went, checked and said “This horse was a super horse! They had never seen a super horse, better have this horse.”

They went and reported to the emperor that this horse is the best horse we have ever seen. Maybe this is the best in the entire world!

So, then, the emperor personally went to see and he was very impressed. So, he purchased it. He asked the businessman how much he wanted.

“Sir, for you, I don’t want to make any profit. With great difficulty, I got this horse. I will give it you at my cost of four million!”

So the emperor paid for it.

So then the emperor brought his four-million-rupee horse and after sometime he wanted to try it out.

So, they made a hunting expedition and he went with his party of princes and general and noble people and they went hunting in the forest.

There was a stag and they went chasing the stag. Now one disadvantage of having the fastest horse in the world – you know what that is? Yes, nobody else can keep up with you! So when he was chasing the stag he was going so far ahead of all the others.

After hours of chasing, he was completely alone, deep in the forest. Alone, thirsty, hungry after riding so long!

Then he came across a stream by a waterfall. So, he could drink some water and give his horse some water. Then he saw that by the side of the river there was a palm leaf with a Sanskrit verse written on it.

He tied up his horse under a tree and he was looking at the Sanskrit verse and he read it out loud: “uttamaḥ puruṣas tv anyaḥ paramātmety udāhṛtaḥ yo loka-trayam āviśya bibharty avyaya īśvaraḥ”

(Besides these two, there is the greatest living personality, the Supreme Soul, the imperishable Lord Himself, who has entered the three worlds and is maintaining them. Bhagavad Gita 15.17)

No sooner did he say that, his horse died. But out from the horse came the subtle form of his chief of staff! Vishnudutas came from the spiritual world with the spiritual airplane and finally his chief of staff got a spiritual form, sat in the spiritual airplane and went Back to Godhead!

He said:  “What is happening here? General, what is happening here?”

When he was saying like that, the general was not paying any attention to him but got on to the spiritual airplane and went away. He transformed into his ‘sat chit ananda’ and went back to Godhead.

The king was amazed, what just happened. This is amazing! So he went with the verse from the palm leaf and walked up the street, went to the top where the waterfall was coming from and there he came upon a hermitage where there were all sadhus and saintly people.

So then he asked them:  “You know, I found this verse and do you know what this verse is? They looked at it and said, oh, this is the missing verse from our 15th chapter Bhagavad Gita. This morning there was a gust of wind and it blew off.”

Then he told them what happened. The whole thing with the horse and the general.

Then they had some psychic vision, they told him “Actually this is what happened – your general had wanted to kill you and because of his karma he took birth as a horse. That he was the best horse but because he read the 15th chapter Bhagavad Gita, he was lamenting so much that he was so stupid to be a horse. When he heard the Bhagavad Gita, he immediately got liberated. Then he went back to Godhead.”

“He went back to Godhead. What about me? Why did I not go back to Godhead?”

“Well, you may not have been listening to the verse very carefully when you read it. You have to be meditating on it deeply.”

“So can I have the whole chapter please?”

So he began to chant the 15th chapter regularly and he also eventually went back home back to Godhead.

Author: RAJAN

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