In preparation of the Mahabharat war, the warring parties Kauravas and Pandavas decided to meet up with Lord Krishna to seek His support.

Lord made an interesting proposition. He will offer himself unarmed to one of them and his army will be fighting on the other side.

Arjuna and Duryodhana have to choose between unarmed Krishna or a mighty army.

When Arjuna reached Dwaraka, he found to his surprise that Duryodhana was also camping to seek help from Lord Krishna.

His purpose was to ask for Sri Krishna’s army to fight on his side.

Next day, Duryodhana reached the palace of Sri Krishna and was told to wait for a while as Sri Krishna was asleep.

Soon Arjuna also went.

Proud Duryodhana took his seat at the head side of the Lord, while Arjuna a natural devotee sat at the lotus feet.

In a while Sri Krishna opened his eyes to see his dear friend and disciple at his feet.

The lord said, “O Arjuna, what brings you here so early in the morning?”

But Duryodhana could not wait, he intervened and said:

“O Krishna, I have come before Arjuna. Therefore, please speak to me first.”

He was afraid that if Arujuna was given a choice first and selects Krishna’s army then he may have to put up with unarmed Krishna.

The lord saidd, “But I saw Arjuna first. Let him talk to me first.”

The Lord asked Arjuna, “I give the first choice to you – do you want my army or myself unarmed?”

Arjuna replied “Do you have to give me a choice my Lord? I want you only in all circumstances – even if you are unarmed”

Hearing this Duryodhana was greatly relived and laughed within his mind about the foolish choice of Arjuna.

The foolish Duryodhana thought : “There is no use of Sri Krishna if he is not fighting, I will ask for his huge army.”

Thus all army of Sri Krishna went to the side of Kauravas. Arjuna was pleased for all Pandavas wanted was gracious Lord on their side.

Sometimes we all laugh at the foolish choice of Duryodhana. But often in life we are all faced with circumstances where we have to make a choice between Krishna or Krishna’s energy.

Most of the times people prefer Krishna’s energy rather than Krishna. Basically, people want all the facilities given by Krishna but do not want Krishna.

It is like people want “Rama Rajya”, but without Rama. It is not possible. So that type of demoniac proposition will never be successful. If we have Krishna in our side automatically other things will come.

That’s the secret (BG 18th chapter last sloka).

Author: RAJAN

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