Is Horoscope matching necessary though a boy and girl love each other?

Is Horoscope matching necessary though a boy and girl love each other?

“A Girl devotee” asked like this:

“Hare krishna prabhuji. I want to ask u one question that Is it necessary to match horoscope of the bride and groom before marriage? And what if they like each other and their horoscope doesn’t match? Can they marry each other in such situations”


First of all, all the couples will lead the happiest life in the first 3 months after marriage. After that, they face the realities of life like pressures, commitments, earning difficulties, etc.. Then, problem starts in many cases. Though there are many couples who successfully tackle these commitments, some couples face problems. So, their marital life comes under stress.


There are two options in this case that has been mentioned by you:

(1) If the couple like to marry for material reasons like pleasure, family welfare, generation growth, fame, status, personal assistance, etc, the horoscope makes its impact. They must check their horoscopes.

(2) If the couple TAKES THE SHELTER OF A BONAFIDE GURU and marries to perform Krishna Consciousness practices together with spouse in a better manner and not for sense gratification, but to get children to serve Krishna, then, the horoscope does not make the couples to fall in life. So, in this case, both the bride and groom must be since devotees to avoid the influence of the planets on the (or) for having the reduced token influence of the planets on them.

(3) In brief, if you marry to serve Krishna, it is called devotional service. So, the horoscope will not make that family fall. Otherwise, if you marry for satisfying your senses, you have to see horoscope for a better choice.

(4) Why should one see horoscope?

Because, a horoscope clearly states (i) the character of that person; (ii) Whether he is a disciplined person or not; (iii) whether he has steady mind; (iv) whether he has loyalty; (v) whether he is sexually suitable for the spouse; (vi) whether he has long life; (vi) whether he is blessed to get a child; (vii) whether he has a long marital life without separation, etc.

Thus, we get a clue to proceed further.  Based on that, you should select the right spouse.

(5) For example, there is an aspect called Mars/ Mangal Dosha. That is, mars planet is responsible for the temperature of our body and hence, naturally responsible for sexual desires. If the mars is weak or very strong for the husband, he will have less or very high sexual desire; This is called Mangal Dosha. For such boys and girls, we must match a person who also have weak or very strong mars respectively, because, they may not have differences in that matter and they will not face any problems in personal life.

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(6) Contrarily, If a boy having powerful mars marry a girl who has weak mars, then, that boy will have more sexual desire and that girl will not have much desire. This too will cause personal problems. The vice versa also has the same problems.

(7) If the earning capacity position of the boy is weak as per the second house and 11th house of the horoscope, he must marry a girl who have a sound second and 11th houses house in her horoscope and there will be a scope of adding more money to the family.

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All these things are material problems. These horoscope tips are matching for non-devotees and the devotees still having material desires only. If the couple TAKE THE SHELTER OF A BONAFIDE GURU and are ready to involve in Krishna Consciousness more seriously without much material attachments, from within the married life, they need not see horoscopes, as this is the NEW AND REFORMED BIRTH to them after surrendering to the guru. So, no need for old horoscopes based on the date of birth of previous birth, ie, before accepting the guru and before detaching from material desires. As both of them are reformed devotees, both of them will prefer Krishna only in life. Both of them will have preferences centered towards Krishna. Both of them are marrying to serve Krishna. So, there is no point of the effects of karma that will remain under suspension.

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You may ask: Many marriages are successful even without seeing horoscopes before marriage. But, you have to note another point: It is a data that in Chennai, there were more than 3,000 divorces last year alone. Because, they do not follow the rules of marriage. The failure percentage is very less in the marriages performed after matching the horoscopes. However, in some cases, as the astrologers do not calculate the planetary positions properly, even some the marriages performed after matching horoscopes fail. We will go to a good astrologer only if our karma permit it.

The purpose of seeing horoscope is to find the bride/ groom who has almost same taste and nature. That’s all.

Now, you can decide what to do.


Author: RAJAN

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