(Sent by Jayanth Ram who says that he read somewhere)

Long time ago, there was a Sanyasi. He was a great Jnani (Self realized knowledgeable person).

Many used to respect him and many used to come and get instructions from him.

He had many disciples. Even Kings and ministers used to come to him, have his darshan and get enlightenment from him.

The sanyasi became very old.

Since he was a Jnani, he came to know soon he has to leave his body.

Hence he was doing chanting the holy name , thinking of the Lord and waiting for death.

Knowing this, many people from all parts of the country came there to get the last darshan of the sanyasi.

True devotees came to have darshan of the sanyasi and get some instructions if possible.

However some came expecting to get some power or some materialistic benefit from the sanyasi.

One of them was a rich fellow and he was a great miser.

He was very cruel and foolish person.

Hoping to get some more wealth he came to have the darshan of the sanyasi.

The sanyasi, who did not want to meet anybody, seeing this miser, called him.

As soon as the sanyasi called him, though many were waiting, the miser got pride.

He looked at others with an expression like “see how great I am. The sanyasi called me only”.

The miser wanted to ask the sanyasi why he chose him only to come in.

Repeatedly he kept on asking this.

Then sanyasi replied “I and these people waiting outside, some or the other time, have a chance to meet again in some higher planets. Whereas a miser can never get  sat-gati (good status). So I can never meet you. Thus I wanted to give some instructions to you now only”.

Author: RAJAN

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