Importance of Caranamrta (Charanamrutha) in devotion!

Importance of Caranamrta (Charanamrutha) in devotion!

Caranamrta (Charanamrutha) is the holy water we receive after performing the abhishek to the Lord, particularly in the morning.

Just imagine. Many things such as fruits, sandal pulp, Milk, water, etc are used one after another to perform the abhishek to the Lord.

All the liquids are collected at the outlet from the Sanctum  Sanctorum (Garbhagraha  – where the deities are there).

These liquids are the spiritually powerful outlets coming after touching the deities. It also has some medical benefits as this water contains medically important products also such as tulasi leaves/ seeds, karpoor, etc.

Drinking this Caranamrta (Charanamrutha) is very beneficial to develop required bhava and dedication in devotion to Krishna.


Let us read what Sri Rupa Gosvami and Srila Prabhupada said about the importance of Caranamrta (Charanamrutha) in devotion:

Padma Purana: “A person who honors the prasada and regularly eats it, not exactly in front of the Deity, along with caranamrta [the water offered to the lotus feet of the Lord, which is mixed with seeds of the tulasi tree], immediately can achieve the results of pious activities which are obtained through ten thousand performances of sacrificial rites.”

Caranamrta is obtained in the morning while the Lord is being washed before  dressing. Scented with perfumes and flowers, the water comes gliding down through His lotus feet and is collected and mixed with yogurt.

In this way this, caranamrta not only becomes very tastefully flavored, but also has tremendous spiritual value.

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Padma Purana states:

“Even a person who has never been able to give in charity, who has never been able to perform a great sacrifice, who has never been able to study the Vedas, who has never been able to worship the Lord–or, in other words, even one who has never done any pious activities–will become eligible to enter into the kingdom of God if he simply drinks the caranamrta which is kept in the temple. In the temple it is the custom that the caranamrta be kept in a big pot. The devotees who come to visit and offer respects to the Deity take three drops of caranamrta very submissively and feel themselves happy in transcendental bliss.”

This is the Importance of Caranamrta (Charanamrutha) in devotion! Hereafter, whenever you visit the temples, do not forget to taste the tasty and powerful Caranamrta (Charanamrutha).

It will help you improve in devotion faster.


Author: RAJAN

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